Cut SIM and Turn it into Micro SIM or Nano SIM


When you switch from an old cell phone or an outdated smartphone to a newer mobile device, you will most likely have to deal with a micro-SIM slot.

Therefore, the old SIM cannot be inserted directly into the slots of the most recent smartphones; it will be necessary to replace it at an authorized shop (at the cost of 10 euros for any operator).

Alternatively, you can try to cut the SIM to transform it into a micro SIM or a nano-SIM, depending on the slot that will have to accommodate it.

Cut SIM and Turn it into Micro SIM or Nano SIM - Image 1

The first, from left to right, is a traditional SIM (also called MiniSIM); the second a micro SIM; the third a nano-SIM.

As you can see, the plastic area surrounding the chip has been eroded to measure just 12.3 x 8.8 mm in the nano-SIM case (4FF).

Cut the SIM: write down the serial number before proceeding

Before proceeding with the cutting of the SIM, we suggest writing down the serial number (called ICCID), which is printed on the back of the card).
By switching from a traditional SIM to a micro or nano SIM, in fact, this code will be lost in the various stages of the cutting operation.

Better yet, we suggest photocopying the back of the SIM, so you don’t make mistakes in transcribing the ICCID.

How to cut the SIM and convert it to micro or nano SIM

To cut the SIM and convert it into a micro SIM or nano SIM you will simply need a pair of scissors, adhesive tape, a ruler, a nail file, and the downloadable model by clicking here.

The PDF document must be printed vertically, on an A4 sheet, without altering the scale. Using the adhesive tape, you will have to fix the original SIM on the sheet and use the ruler to draw the cutting lines.

When cutting the SIM, it will be necessary to act with the utmost caution making sure not to damage the central part of the chip.

When switching from a MiniSIM to a micro-SIM, it will not be necessary to intervene in any area of ​​the chip because the removal of most of the plastic frame will allow you to reach the goal.

To transform a SIM into a nano-SIM, however, the work is more complicated because it will be necessary to intervene on the lower part of the chip, which contains superfluous and unused contacts.

Alternatively, on Amazon, several SIM cutting tools are marketed that also includes a full set of adapters.

Once you have “cut” your SIM card or after having done the “conversion” in the shop, you will not be able to go back: to insert a nano-SIM in a slot that supports micro-SIM. For example, you will need an adapter.

By contacting a shop, you can also request a new triple cut SIM, if available (Wind has been offering it for some time now), which offers three formats in a single solution.

Cut SIM and Turn it into Micro SIM or Nano SIM - Image 2

By doing so, you will be sure to always have a SIM available that can adapt to any slot.

How to read the ICCID of the SIM

The ICCID of the SIM is of fundamental importance, for example, when you want to change the mobile telephone operator by activating the portability of the telephone number.

For Italy, the ICCID always begins with 8939 (the first two digits indicate that the SIM is used for telecommunications while the following two correspond to the international code of our country).

How to read the serial number of the SIM, if – carelessly – after cutting it was not written down or if the note containing this information could not be found?

Cut SIM and Turn it into Micro SIM or Nano SIM - Image 3

On Android, the free SIM Details app is available, which, once started, automatically detects the ICCID of the SIMs inserted in the phone.

On some dual SIM smartphones, it will be necessary to remove the second card and insert it into the first slot to correctly read the ICCID with SIM Details.

If you were the owner of an iPhone, instead, just go to the Settings, General, Info menu and look for the ICCID item.