Do you want your PS5 with the retro PlayStation logo? Modifying it is as easy as using a sheet of paper and a handful of markers

Going back to school has left us a few days of crafts to return to the routine. Between origami and origami, we have decided to add a little color to our PS5 to recover the colors of the retro PlayStation logo.

A small craft to decorate your PS5 will be infinitely better if you take measurements, Photoshop, and a quality printer, but that can manage a rainy afternoon if you are bored at home. All you need is a sheet of paper, scissors, a handful of colors, and some patience.

How to modify your PS5 with a retro logo

Step 1: disassemble the case

The first thing we must do is disassemble the two cases that protect the body PS5. The trick is not to pull it up with the console horizontally but to raise the part of the logo a little and push it towards the bottom of the machine.

Step 2: trace the logo

With the case already removed, you can take advantage of it to trace the logo comfortably and start testing. You must remember that you have to paint a little beyond the limits because the case will not be completely glued to the drawing.

Step 2 trace the logo

Step 3: color the logo

If you give it a little more air on the sides, it will be easier for it to look good later and not see blank parts, but you must also take into account the two holes in which the housing finishes fitting, so when cutting, be careful not to step on them so that the paper does not end up bent.

Step 3 color the logo

Paso 4: enjoy

We only have to paste the color stain and see how it looks. Suppose you have to fill a little more on any side, as easy as removing the casing again and painting where necessary. Of course, be careful that the ink from the markers does not stain the console’s plastic. If you want to save yourself problems, you can pull the printer or leave the logo with a single color with cardboard.

Paso 4 enjoy