The PlayStation Plus Video Pass service to watch movies and series on PS4 and PS5 is now official, but only in Poland

The PlayStation Plus Video Pass service to watch movies and series on PS4 and PS5 is now official but only in Poland

As it was already seen to come after the leak that occurred in the last hours, Sony has just officially presented PlayStation Plus Video Pass, a new service to which all users subscribed to PlayStation Plus will have access. However, it will not be available globally since they will only have access to it in Poland.

This new service, at the moment, has only been launched as a trial version for one year and can be accessed from an application on PS4 and PS5. Thanks to it, it will allow you to see a few movies and series with a catalog that will be expanded quarterly with more products to make it worthwhile.

The selected films are Jumanji: The Next Level, Zombieland: Kill and finish Venom, or Blade Runner 2049. As for the series, there are the six seasons of Community or the three of Future Man, among others that make 15 films, and six strings that can be seen from today.

The reason for choosing Poland as the only country is because, according to Nick Maguire, Vice President of Global Services and SIE, there is a large base of Polish users who stand out for their commitment and activity on the network and social networks, just like they like to use video on-demand platforms. Therefore, all this is a perfect mix to test this service and thus find out what users think.

On the other hand, it has not been able to say to date PlayStation Plus Video Pass will reach other markets or what its future will be once the trial period ends next year. Either way, you need a user account linked to PlayStation Plus, enter the application and enjoy the products it has.

Maguire has indicated that he does not know if the price of PlayStation Plus will be altered in any way, but for the moment, that will not be the case and only will count as an additional feature to any existing subscription.