Sony shelves My PlayStation, the web service that allowed you to view profiles, trophies and more content

Sony shelves My PlayStation the web service that allowed you to view profiles trophies and more content

Changes in the platforms and services offered by Sony continue. This year, he announced that the PSP digital store would finally close in summer, while the movies and series section of the PlayStation Store itself will also say goodbye.

The Japanese company has announced that My PlayStation, a web application, has ceased to be available since yesterday, June 28. Its main functions were the possibility of consulting profiles, trophies, and the exchange of messages between PlayStation systems.

Therefore, those above will no longer be possible to view through this route. Although, of course, the company itself redirects us to use the PS4 and PS5 consoles or even the PS App official from our mobile devices.

We can see the games library, the groups, the friends, the trophies, and the profile, although from the web page, in the profile drop-down menu, we can also see the profile information and the library we have.

In short, we do not lose any function, but we will have to use other methods to get the same information, so there is nothing to worry about.