Sony unexpectedly announces the successor to PlayStation VR for PS5: better resolution, greater field of view and new controller

Sony unexpectedly announces the successor to PlayStation VR for PS5

Sony has just announced by surprise a new device that it is working on and that will be the successor to PlayStation VR for PS5 so that users who have acquired the new generation console can enjoy a better experience to get into virtual reality.

As the company has advanced, players will feel a greater sense of presence and will experience a greater immersion in video games when they wear the device compared to the virtual reality glasses of PS4.

Along with all this, the device will improve the resolution and the field of vision, two of the aspects that users requested the most and that will now be optimized. In addition, when connecting it to the console, you will only have to plug in a single cable to simplify everything even more and thus facilitate user use.

On the other hand, the glasses will be accompanied by a new control knob that will incorporate the main features offered by DualSense. This same immersion is transmitted directly to the hands while playing and will also have better ergonomics.

However, it is seen that this new PlayStation VR has a lot of work ahead of it since Sony has announced that it will not go on sale in 2021. Even so, he has already left us with these first brushstrokes at the same time that he has indicated that he is working on more video games and surprises related to his virtual reality device.