Using AirPods On Android: How To Set Them Up And What You Can Do With Them

Using AirPods on Android how to set them up and what you can do with them

We are going to explain how to configure your Apple AirPods on an Android mobile and tell you which of its functions you will be able to use in the Google operating system. In this way, if you are attracted by the features and sound quality of these headphones but have an Android, you will be able to see what it has to offer.

Apple is a company with a very closed ecosystem of products, designed to prioritize its operation among other brand devices. But in reality, some of them work in very similar ways with other operating systems, although always with a few fewer features.

Set up your AirPods on Android

Set up your AirPods on Android

The first thing you have to do is store the AirPods inside their case. Once inside, open the cover of the case and press and hold the pairing button on the back. Keep it pressed until a sound sounds and the led starts blinking.

Now you have to enter the Bluetooth settings. You can do this from the Android settings, but it is faster if you display the quick actions and hold down the Bluetooth one.

You will enter the screen where you can view and manage the devices paired by Bluetooth. On this screen, now tap on the Pair new device option. Remember that for it to work you must have the AirPods in pairing mode.

This will take you to a list of the devices that you have the option of linking to your mobile. In it, click on the AirPods when they appear in the list, and complete the steps that are requested for pairing. You can start using them now.

What functions can you use on Android?

Once you have paired the AirPods on Android, you will be able to use them as normal. You’ll be able to use its playback controls to pause and resume what you’re listening to with two taps and listen to any type of audio, including calls. Of course, without the function of transferring the audio to the phone in calls if you remove the AirPods.

Another feature you’ll be missing is that audio won’t automatically switch to AirPods when you start using them on Android if you use them on another device, and you’ll have to activate them manually like any other Bluetooth headset. Of course, everything else works, including spatial audio in applications that support it, such as Apple Music for Android.