PUK Code: What It Is And How To Find Out What Yours Is

PUK code what it is and how to find out what yours is

Today we will explain the PUK code of a SIM card, how it differs from a PIN code, and how you can enter the PUK code in your SIM to unlock your mobile.

First, we will see what the PUK code is and what it is for, and then we will give you clues on how to find yours. We will give you the guidelines, although remember that the process may vary from operator to operator.

What is the PUK code?

PIN and PUK are two interrelated concepts of SIM card security. The PUK code is an eight-digit code used to unlock a SIM card on which the PIN has been entered incorrectly three times.

That is, the PIN code is the first security measure. This is a four to eight-digit code that you can change. If the mobile is configured like this, you may need to enter the PIN code to unlock the mobile.

You don’t need to use the PUK code daily, but only when the SIM is blocked because you entered the wrong PIN three times. In this case, the PUK code serves as a master key to bring the SIM back to life, although you must find the original PUK code in return.

By the way, if you enter the PUK code wrongly a certain number of times -according to the operator- the SIM will be blocked forever. Being the last security measure, in this case, there is no choice but to request a duplicate SIM from your operator.

How to know your PUK code

Do you need the PUK code? Then we tell you what you can do to obtain it. Remember that as an exceptional security measure, it is not a code that is easy to obtain. There are two main ways to get it: in the original SIM card package and through your carrier.

Printed on the original SIM package

The easiest way to get the PUK code is usually from the original package that your SIM card came in. The PUK code is not printed on the SIM itself, which would invalidate its security, but it is usually printed on the card that usually contains the SIM card.

Printed on the original SIM package

This depends a lot on how your carrier prepares and ships SIM cards, but it’s common for the PUK code to be found somewhere on the original package. It is not usually difficult to recognize since eight digits will always be specified as the PUK code.

With the help of your operator

If you don’t have the packaging on hand, you can still obtain the PUK code with the help of your telephone operator. In this case, you must corroborate your identity by answering security questions or accessing your control panel by entering the username and password. Although the process varies from carrier to carrier, there are four main modes.

  • By logging into the customer area of ​​your operator’s website. There you will almost certainly find a section to check the PUK number of your phone number.
  • Its official application generally offers almost the same options as the online customer area but directly on mobile. It is not so common that they include the PUK code as the customer area on their website, but if you already have the app installed, it never hurts to check it.
  • You are calling on the phone. If none of the above works because you do not have a registered username and password and your SIM is not operational, you will always have to call by phone. The person will need to verify your identity, and then you will receive the PUK code, sometimes by SMS.
  • In an official store. If you prefer face-to-face treatment, this is one of the procedures that you can probably carry out directly in an official store of your operator.

It would be impossible for us to create a detailed list of all the operators’ options, but we have created a table showing how you can obtain the PUK code in the main Spanish operators.


Customer area


App Customer Area


Customer area
Vodafone Store


Customer area
900 525 957


Customer area


Customer area
640 001 565


Customer area
900 900 705


Customer area


693 772 373


622 622 622


Customer area