Why does Kobo lose battery when turned on even if I’m not flipping pages?


Why does Kobo lose battery when turned on even if I’m not flipping pages?

Two very powerful e-reader versions are Kobo Aura One and Kobo Edition2, but thousands of users have stated their lifespans are very short. Kobo reported that you could read these two devices for about a month, but the battery was entirely drained in a few days. It looks as if the latest 4.1.7729 firmware update has solved this problem.

MobileRead has posted on a new Kobo Aura One that has a battery drain problem that appears to be associated with a software bug.

Kobo will soon be launching the new software for the North American market through wifi. In the days following its release, other countries will receive it. You can download the update manually from your website if you can’t wait. This update will help with battery issues too.

Primary features of the update

  • Synchronization problems with high drainage batteries appear to be resolved.
  • The eBooks can now be restored from OverDrive on the Aura One.
  • Now it functions to turn off auto-sync.
  • Lists of completed books.
  • Delete annotations option (for instance, when book form doesn’t allow annotation), delete specific menus where options have failed to function.
  • The in-book menu has added an “Information view.”
  • Corrected several link issues with secret SSIDs.
  • New “Downloaded” library filtre. This displays all books on the computer, whether purchased or loaded from OverDrive.

All of these changes will support Kobo e-readers with their different battery drainage problems.

Kobo e-reader’s key battery issues

  • First, the battery level of Kobo Aura One seems okay, but then it all goes down in just a few hours when the battery meter is around 50 percent.
  • Batteries often take a few charging cycles to be correctly calibrated, but this seems more of a software issue.
  • Syncing is stuck occasionally, but wifi is not helpful to switch off.
  • I’ve had the Aura One for just ten days so far and have to load it three times already — something is sure to cause unnecessary drying of batteries.

Hopefully, Kobo can easily upgrade the program until the Aura One becomes known as the battery’s lousy life. See also our article on the problem, “my kindle won’t turn on.”

The Aura One has a smaller battery, possibly to hold the weight down compared with other readers, which is why one of the critical questions is how good the battery life is with the smaller battery and larger screen because more pixels use more power.

Some users have also said this about the battery issues

  • It appeared to have no problem at all. In about five days, the initial charging went from 100% to 50%. However, it went from around 50% to less than 10% in a couple of hours while sitting in sleep mode after the comic book and manga review last Wednesday.
  • The charge only lasted a few days until it was back around 50%.
  • From morning battery decreased by more than 25% in just a couple of hours after a couple of chapters, with wifi off and light at only 1%.
  • As a test, I returned to wifi and looked at it stuck, and the battery dropped 15% in just about 20 minutes, so it’s back on the charge again.
  • I was looking forward to the test.

Try these steps if your eReader has battery issues or charging issues.

Try the following to boost the life of your eReader battery:

• Turn off wifi while you read

• Minimize the brightness of the screen

Stage 1 of 2: Load/Charge the eReader

  1. Sign in your eReader with a micro USB cable and attach your device to the other part of the micro USB cable. To load your eReader, your device needs to be enabled.
  2. It means your kobo eReader is battery low when you see the light on your eReader. Enable one hour to charge your eReader.

Try another micro USB cable or another USB port on your device when your eReader does not charge.

Next thing to do:

  • If your eReader is switched on, your battery will be tiny. To stop too low a battery, you should charge your eReader more frequently.
  • If you have not allowed your eReader, contact Kobo customer service after charging for one hour.

Step 2 of 2: Activate and disable your eReader.

If after charging your eReader activates:

  1. Click and hold the 15 seconds power button.
  2. Wait five seconds. Wait five seconds.
  3. To turn your eReader back on, press and hold down the power button for 5 seconds.

Next thing to do:

  • Attempt a factory reset if your eReader is on.
  • Contact Kobo Customer Service if your eReader isn’t enabled.