Flutter app developer salary: what influences the rates?


Flutter app developer salary

Flutter is a rising start in cross-platform development. Many companies consider hiring framework experts. But what is the average Flutter app developer salary, and how much is the senior Flutter developer salary in the industry? 

In this article, we will have a look at the average salary of Flutter developer and how the rates are calculated.

What is Flutter?

Before we discuss the Flutter developer salary, we need to mention the need for such a framework. The IT space has long been waiting for the ability to make high-quality apps across multiple platforms quickly. In 2017, Flutter was introduced, a cross-platform mobile app development platform that helps developers have a consistent experience across multiple platforms. The SDK is young, but its future is bright; its popularity is increasing due to its simplicity and robust environment for creating apps. Google’s solution managed to surpass even Reach Native.

That’s true – from 12% behind in 2019; now it has gained an advantage of 4%.

What are the price factors which matter the most?

The average Flutter developer jobs salary depends on multiple factors.

Local talent

While the more money you spend, the better your product will be, it is unlikely a higher budget means that you will get a greater return on investment. Companies located in Europe and North America often struggle to find good talent. Enterprises should consider outsourcing to regions like Eastern Europe or Latin America to hire highly-skilled employees at much lower rates. There are many IT hubs in developing countries that prove deep talent pools.


It goes without saying that each Flutter developer salary per hour relies on experience. A senior developer in Europe will be more expensive than a senior developer in South America. Senior developers with experience in server-side development will earn more than those who focus solely on front-end development. 


Programmers’ salaries largely depend on their qualifications and years of experience. However, as businesses increasingly look for programmers who can manage more than one technology stack, salaries may remain high since the demand for these skill sets is limited. Flutter goes very well with .NET and Flask, for example. Talents who can code on all three will be much more highly regarded.

  • Clean code -Fewer lines of code mean faster development, and readable code makes it easier to manage software updates in the future and work with third-party companies.
  • Agile development – As teams grow and become more cross-functional, it is important for developers to have a strong grasp of Agile processes. Processes such as Scrum allow for regular feedback with clients to ensure the project is moving along in the right direction.
  • Communication – Soft skills are essential. Even the most technically gifted engineer wouldn’t be able to produce good results if they don’t understand their assignment. Speaking English is just the first part of the communication process. Being able to respond to feedback positively is just as important.


Where in the world a programmer is located can affect their salary. A high living standard may result in a higher salary, so the cost of living and the company’s location are factors that can influence an engineer’s salary.

Flutter app developer salary by countries

Let’s see how much money Flutter developers earn annually by countries:

  • USA – $110-115K
  • Germany – $65-70K
  • UK – $42-45K
  • France – $35-38K
  • Spain – $28-32K
  • Poland – $46-50K
  • Russia – $30-35K
  • Ukraine – $20-22K
  • Philippines – $10-12K
  • India – $8-10K

From our analysis, we can presume that development works in the US are much more expensive than in Asia and Eastern Europe. However, when we dig deeper, we can quickly realize how Ukraine stands out from the crowd with the great IT industry and low prices.


Flutter app developer salary has always been questionable, even for many. While many businesses prefer the best, some are looking for great quality at an even better price. Many companies will be amused that they can find a solution that ticks all the checkboxes, makes no compromise on quality, and still be within a tight budget. All it takes is some research, a couple of phone calls, and an educated decision based on trust and business logic.