Google 3D Animals: How To Use Them To Bring A Tiger, A Shark Or A Wolf Into Your Home

Google 3D Animals How to use them to bring a tiger, a shark or a wolf into your home

We are going to explain how to use Google’s 3D animal function to be able to see animals on a real scale inside your house. This is a function with which the search engine will make use of augmented reality, and after calculating the size and proportions of a room, it will try to put the animal inside to give you an idea of ​​how big it is.

You should bear in mind that this function is only for the mobile version of the search engine and that you will need to have a mobile that is compatible with ARCore, which is Google’s augmented reality engine. If your mobile is compatible with this technology, you will see the option to see the animals you search for in Google in 3D, whether you have an Android device or an iPhone with iOS.

Among the animals that you can search to see their 3D models are the tiger, leopard, shark, hedgehog, duck, emperor penguin, wolf, goat, rottweiler, snake, eagle, bear, horse, pony, turtle, cat, octopus or panda bear. For some animals like the lion, you will have to add the word animal, typing “animal lion” to show you the animation.

Just tell you that this is a recurring experiment by Google, which has also added ghosts on Halloween, and dinosaurs and has even put Baby Yoda in its augmented reality. So don’t be afraid to experiment by looking for other animals, as more may be added as you go.

How to see 3D animals in your house with Google

The first thing you have to do is open a browser on your mobile and enter the Google search engine. Once inside, write the name of the animal you want to see in 3D. Here keep in mind that only some specific animals are available, among which are those that we have mentioned in the previous paragraph. If the animal’s name coincides with something else important, such as a city, you’ll need to accompany it with the word “animal.”

When writing the animal, a module will appear in which information and photographs about it are collected. If your mobile is compatible and the animal has an augmented reality model, in this module you will see the 3D design of that animal. In this module, you will have to click on the See in 3D button that will appear next to the three-dimensional model.

Once the model is chosen, you will go to the camera of your mobile and you will begin to see your room on the screen. Here, what you have to do is move your mobile across the entire surface of your room, left to right, and also show the ceiling. In this way, the Google algorithm will analyze the size of your room taking into account the distance between the walls or objects.

How to see 3D animals in your house with Google

When it scans the room, Google will place the 3D model of the animal you’ve chosen in it. Depending on the size of the animal or the room, it may choose peculiar places to put it up. Especially if the animal is too big.

Keep in mind that this is not just about putting an animal in your room photo. It’s augmented reality, which means you can get up close and look at the animal from different angles. It will be as if it is really in the room, since when you move the animal will stay in the same place.

If the animal has been left in a strange place or you don’t like where Google has placed it, you will be able to change the size of the animal or move it around the room with some gestures on the screen. If you make the gesture of pinching the screen, you can control the size and proportion of the animal. And with finger gestures, you can also change the animal’s position or rotate it so that it is in a certain way.

Also, if you click on the animal an interface will appear with some additional controls. In this interface, you will be able to switch between the augmented reality mode and only the 3D model. For example, you will have the option to share the model or to take a photo so that you can later send it to whoever you want.