Guide to Automating Your Home


Guide to Automating Your Home

Once, having made a simple decision to buy a smart home, the future owner, who is not sufficiently aware of the variety of such systems, always faces two main questions – which technology is the most reliable and affordable, capable of organizing a high-tech and multifunctional solution and where to start home automation with? Of course, the modern home automation market in the world will offer a lot of options, ranging from the smart home system of various brands to individual smart products that can also work using the Internet, control gadgets, and additional devices.

In case you are not going to invest your money in an entire home automation project, you can think about creative and at the same time simple solutions to bring smart ideas to your home space. Today many homeowners who care about free space in their homes and want to contribute a peculiar flavor to the interior successfully integrate TV ceiling lifts, secret bookcase doors, hidden automated cabinets, and other interesting kitchen automation projects.

It is also important to know that the reliability of the chosen product or system is determined by subsequent aspects. The reliability of the intellectual complex is ensured by well-designed and manufactured equipment, the performance of which has been tested and confirmed by leading companies for decades, where automated solutions have been installed. Thanks to this design, the main control elements can be successfully and easily integrated into the intelligent systems of various manufacturers, thus gaining financial flexibility and strong technical potential. If you have already chosen a system that you think will definitely fit, make sure that this technology has the following features:

  • Multifunctionality
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Simplicity
  • Safety

What features do you get with home automation?

Buying a branded smart home is an ideal and high-quality choice for organizing full-fledged dispatching of the entire home from any corner of the globe and with minimal effort on the part of the owners. In addition to the number of standard features that any self-respecting home automation developer has in their arsenal, today you can also get the maximum degree of comfort with a wider list of features offered, for example:

Lighting control. This subsystem can be either a self-developed project or part of an intelligent solution with many useful functions to implement a huge number of tasks. In addition to the basic operation of automation (switching on, off, dimming, scenario control), smart light is able to flexibly adapt to any user requirements, starting from the fully automatic operation, taking into account the state of various conditions, as well as the operating mode of the equipment. And ending with individual settings for any lighting group.

Power control of home sockets. An indispensable mode for achieving the best fire safety and easy control of powerful electrical appliances, preventing misuse of electricity.

Intercom control. Thanks to the intelligent intercom, any guest will not be able to pass unnoticed, affordably offering the opportunity to view live video or archived recordings around the clock for the time interval of interest.

Regulation of curtains, blinds, electric drives. The listed devices will make a list of smart components capable of easily predicting the intentions of the owners at any time of the day, smoothly performing the programmed mode or certain actions under a combination of certain conditions.

Water leakage protection. Home automation can vigilantly monitor the moisture level in high-risk areas, and in the event of an intense spread of liquid, it will instantly shut off the water supply.

Plant care. By installing such a system, you can not worry about the state of the soil of each flower pot with a flower, the automation will independently be able to determine the amount of moisture and, if necessary, fill the containers with the required amount of water.

Climate control. All work of climate technology will be completely and comfortably concentrated in the hands of the user, providing a wide range of possibilities.

Security systems management. This technology is able to register and collect statistics on the opening of doors, windows, roller shutters, and garage doors, notify about open windows in bad weather, and gates in the dark.

All of the above refers to more basic functions than individual ones, which are certainly present in a full-fledged modern smart home.

It’s important to determine what exactly you want to improve and simplify with automation. Your major purposes will help you to go ahead to choose the proper direction with home automation. If you just want to improve ventilation, and heating/cooling processes for your home space’s comfortable climate and, at the same time,  save some money, you just need to integrate linear actuators and implement proper control mode. This and many other versatile projects of home automation can become individual and even DIY ideas. Simply learn this topic a bit by penetrating into the world of smooth automated control and simple genius solutions to feel the power of home smartening up projects.