How to add the cover art and more information to the songs on your Android

I do not know about you, but nothing gives me more courage than having the songs with the wrong names, with information without filling in, and, worst of all, without cover. When I listen to my MP3s, I like to see what the title of the song is, the composer or author, and, of course, the album and its corresponding image, but unfortunately, not all MP3 files come that complete. If you want to know how to add the cover to your songs and have them as complete as possible, keep reading.

The easiest way is to use an ID3 tag editor. These tags are a standard for classifying multimedia files such as music or movies. Knowing one as the album or the author, it is possible to access all the remaining information, including the cover art. For this, we will use a free app called AutomaTag, which will allow you to put a cover to the songs and fill in the remaining information if you wish.

The first thing you have to do is find the theme you want to modify, in my case, Highway to Hell, from AC / DC. Click on it, and you will access the tag editor. The good thing about this app is that it does everything automatically, searching different databases for the best match. Thus, when you click on the song, it will automatically search for the cover and allow you to choose it and save it if it is correct.

If you can’t find it because the file doesn’t have the ID3 tags correctly set, you can always click on the blue button and write them yourself. My recommendation is that you fill in the title of the song, the album, and the author and try again. With these three data, the app will almost certainly find the cover, and if it can’t find it, you can add an image from your own gallery (which you may have previously downloaded from Google).

As simple as that. You need to know three super accessible data and let the app do its work. If you have a song whose album or author you don’t know, you can always track it on Shazam or SoundHound or search for it on YouTube and get the data you need. No more having songs without covers!