How To Block Someone On Facebook

How to block someone on Facebook

Out of sight, out of mind. If you no longer want to see someone’s posts or comments on Facebook, the easiest way to do that is to block them. Today we will see how you can block someone on Facebook.

Blocking someone on Facebook is kind of like pretending they don’t exist. People you block can’t send you friend requests or messages, can’t view your profile, and you won’t see their comments (for example, on posts from a mutual friend).

Can they know that I have blocked them?

One of the most common questions related to blocking people on Facebook is whether the other person will be able to find out that you have blocked them. The truth is that yes, you will be able to know it, although you will have to pay a little attention.

While you’ll be completely removed from their Facebook and they won’t be able to find you in search or see your posts or comments in common places, if they visit your profile’s web address they’ll get a notice like the one above. However, if they visit that same address from any other Facebook profile, they’ll see the basic information you’ve shared, exposing your block.

What if I don’t want them to know?

If you want to have part of the benefits of a block but that person does not find out, you have several options. Instead of blocking him, you can ignore him on Facebook Messenger. If you ignore someone, you’re not notified of their messages, but saved in their separate inbox, just as if they were strangers.

Similarly, if you unfollow someone on Facebook, you’ll still be a contact, but you won’t see their posts in your Facebook News Feed. Of course, you will continue to see the comments they make in common publications.

How to block someone on the Facebook web

There are several ways to block someone on Facebook although probably the easiest to remember is from their profile. Click the menu button (1) and choose the Block option (2) from the drop-down menu.

In the pop-up window that opens, you are reminded of everything that the person you have blocked will not be able to do anymore after the block, in addition to the important fact that they will be removed from your friend list if you were friends. If you agree with everything, tap Confirm. The block will be immediate, and neither you nor the other person will be able to see each other’s profiles.

How to block someone on the Facebook app

In the Facebook application, the process is the same, with the only change being the design of the menus. To block someone you must go to their user profile and tap on the More button, the button with three dots.

This opens the context menu with which you can copy the link to the profile, follow or unfollow someone, and of course block someone. Tap on the block so that this person can no longer see your profile or contact you on Facebook.

You will also receive a pop-up here summarizing what a block means. Everything that the other person will no longer be able to do is explained here in detail, as well as that you will stop being friends if you were before. If you agree with everything, tap Block.