How to change the ringtone on Android, put a song, and create your own tones

If there is a reason why millions of users worldwide choose Android over other mobile platforms, it is the customizability of Google’s operating system. Using the right tools, it is possible to modify practically any aspect of the system and the interface, creating a unique experience for each user. And these options are not only reduced to the visual field but even the system sounds can be easily customized, including, of course, the ringtones.

This is not a new feature. It has been with us practically since the first version of Android. Even so, if you have just started on the green android platform, you may not yet know how to change the ringtone of your mobile or use any song you want as a ringtone. Today we explain everything you need to know about it.

How to change the ringtone on your Android mobile step by step

How to change the ringtone on your Android mobile step by step

Depending on the mobile you are using and its software, you may find different ways to carry out this process. However, in general, the steps to change the ringtone are practically the same on all Android phones :

  1. Open the System Settings.
  2. Go to the Sound section.
  3. Look for the section of Phone ringtone / Ringtone or similar.
  4. Select any of the predefined tones. By clicking on one of them, you can play it to hear how it will sound.


How to change the ringtone on your Android mobile step by step 1

Up to here, the steps are extremely simple, and I doubt that there is someone who does not know how to change the tone of their mobile. Things get a little more complicated – but not much – if we want to use our song stored on the phone as a personalized ringtone.

Choose any song or sound as your ringtone.

Any Android offers the possibility of choosing a song as a personalized ringtone, whatever its duration. Also, unlike what happens in iPhones, it is not even necessary that the song files be in a specific format.

To be able to select a song as a ringtone, it is only necessary to have the file saved in the internal memory of the phone and follow these steps :

  1. Open the System Settings.
  2. Go to the Sound section.
  3. Look for the selection of Phone ringtone / Ringtone or similar.
  4. One of the options should be a Local ringtone / use a custom song or similar.
  5. Choose the song file you want to use as the ringtone.

Now, what if your phone’s software doesn’t include the option to select a song as a ringtone? In that case, all you have to do is use a third-party application that allows you to create and use your tones from songs.

Create your ringtones


The most famous Android application with which to create your ringtones is Ringtone Maker. Today, it has been installed more than 50 million times and has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 with more than half a million ratings. In addition, it is free although it includes the odd advertisement.

Google Play | Ringtone Maker

Once installed, when you open Ringtone Maker for the first time, a list of all the audio files stored on the phone will appear. To create your ringtone from a song, you just have to find the file you want to use and click on the three-point menu on the right side.

If you want to use the whole song, you must select “make default tone”. However, if what we want is to use the chorus of the song or any other specific part of it as a ringtone, the option that interests us is “Edit”.

BFinally, the app itself offers us the possibility of using the created audio file as the default ringtone. y clicking on this option, you access an audio editor, which allows you to trim the song, delete specific parts or duplicate them. Once the editing of the audio file is finished, we will click on “Save” and choose a name for the song we have just created.

create your own ringtones