How to change the SIM PIN code on an Android mobile


The PIN of your mobile’s SIM card is the 4-digit code that allows access to the device, which is why it is so important. The main recommendation is always to choose a code that only you know, away as far as possible from those that are the most used by users.

Nothing from “1234”, “8888”, “1212” or “4321”; You should look for a PIN code that is not usual but that you can remember when you turn on the phone. Once chosen, it’s time to change the PIN code on your Android mobile using a straightforward procedure. In addition, we show you how to do it in the most popular brands of the operating system.

  • Change the PIN on Android
  • Change the PIN on Samsung
  • Change the PIN on Xiaomi
  • Change the PIN on Huawei

How to change the SIM PIN code on Android

Changing the PIN code of your SIM card is a procedure that will barely take a minute. In general, Android phones usually have similar addresses to access the PIN change menu. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Go into Settings> Security.
  2. Access the SIM card lock section.
  3. Click on Change SIM card PIN.
  4. Enter the current PIN for the card.
  5. Enter the new PIN code.
  6. Enter the PIN code again.
  7. Confirm the operation so that your SIM card has a new PIN code.

You can also change the PIN code of your SIM card, regardless of the Android model of your mobile, through the Phone application. Open this app and enter the following: ** 04 * old PIN * new PIN * new PIN # (all without spaces). It would help if you had something like this: ** 04 * 3961 * 1069 * 1069 # (without spaces).

When you enter this code, the PIN of your SIM card will be changed automatically. This is a great first step for the privacy of your phone, but there are many more that you can apply to have a 100% secure Android mobile.

Change SIM PIN on Samsung

We are going to delve deeper into the matter by focusing on the most important Android mobile brands. The first one is Samsung. If you have a mobile from the South Korean firm, you must follow the following steps to change the SIM PIN code:

  1. Go into Settings> Lock screen and security.
  2. Swipe down and select Other security settings.
  3. Click on Config. Card lock SIM.
  4. Select Change SIM card PIN.
  5. Enter the current PIN and click OK.
  6. Write the new PIN and click OK.
  7. Enter the new PIN again and select OK to finish the process.

As you can see, the process of changing the PIN code of the SIM card on your Samsung mobile hardly requires a minute of your time. Thus, you can configure new figures that improve the phone’s security or that are easier for you to remember.

Change the SIM PIN on Xiaomi

In case you want to change the PIN code to the SIM card of your Xiaomi mobile, the steps to follow are the following:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Click on Additional Settings and then on Privacy.
  3. Find the SIM Lock section and click on the name of your operator.
  4. Select Change SIM card PIN.
  5. Enter the old PIN and the new PIN that you want to configure.
  6. Select OK to finish the process.

Change the SIM PIN on Huawei

Finally, we will focus on changing the PIN-code on the SIM card of Huawei phones, another of the most popular Android manufacturers. In this case, the procedure is explained below:

  1. Open the Settings menu and click on Security and Privacy.
  2. Select Additional Settings.
  3. Click on the option Encryption and credentials.
  4. In the new menu, select SIM lock settings.
  5. Select Change SIM PIN.
  6. Enter the old and new PIN codes.
  7. Select OK to finish the procedure.

As you can see, the methods to follow in the mobiles of the different manufacturers are very similar. In most cases, you will have to enter the Security and/or Privacy section and look for the SIM card lock option. Finally, you only have to enter the new PIN code of your SIM card, which you want to protect access to your mobile.