How to change your Instagram name and what happens when you do it

The username is a relevant point when creating an account on any social network: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. It will help you have specific authority in front of the public, mainly when you use any of these platforms for business.

Ideally, the name should identify you as clearly as possible. And although we know that sometimes we get carried away by the first thing that comes to mind, even mixing words with numbers without coherence; The best thing you can do is identify your brand, set your goals, and meet your followers.

If you’ve decided to transform your networks and give them a fresh start, chances are you’ll start with Instagram. Since its launch in 2010, this app has caused quite a stir due to its multiple functions; perhaps at that time, we were a bit young and not at all visionary. Therefore the name that our account currently has is not the right one.

For this reason, this time, we will show you the steps to follow to change your Instagram name to another person and what happens after changing it.

Requirements to change your Instagram name

In Instagram, two types of names are identified as “Name” and “Username.” The first refers to the name displayed anywhere and has few restrictions since it is possible to change it or give it any nickname so that your friends can quickly identify you.

Requirements to change your Instagram name

However, the most important is the “Username,” the one that is accompanied by an @ at the beginning and by which your friends can locate you on the platform. In this case, you have to be more careful and adhere to the regulations. If you want to change your username on Instagram, you need to take into account the following requirements:

  • Use the name by which people know you (Full Name or Business Nickname)
  • You can change the name at least twice within 14 days.
  • Put less than 30 characters.
  • You can only have letters, numbers, periods, and underscores.
  • Avoid using inappropriate language and spaces.

How to change your name from the Instagram app

Once you consider the requirements to change the name on Instagram, these are the steps to follow to do it from mobile phones, both Android and iOS.

  • Launch Instagram from any mobile device.
  • Tap the icon with your profile picture in the bottom right.
  • Now tap on the “Edit Profile.”
  • You will see several fields to fill in. Tap right where it says “Username” and type in the new user.
  • Finally, touch the blue check to save the changes. You will have to wait a few seconds for the system to approve the change.

It should be noted that if the new username does not comply with the regulations or is not available, a red sign will appear warning you that: “The name is not available.” Keep trying and try some combinations until you hit the right one.

How to change your name from a computer

Instagram is not only available for smartphones, but you can also use it from your computer. If you don’t have your mobile device at hand and you want to change the name to someone else without waiting so long, do the following:

  • Sign in to Instagram from your computer.
  • Click on the profile picture in the top bar of the screen.
  • It will display a menu with three options. Click on “Profile.”
  • Then click the “Edit Profile.”
  • Enter the new username in the corresponding field and click “Submit.”

What happens after I change the name?

When changing the username, you will see the results immediately on your Instagram. The only disadvantage is that once the change is approved, the previous user will be free for any other member.

If you want to revert your changes and continue to use your old name for some reason, the chances are good that someone else has taken it.

What happens after I change the name

Another thing that happens when making the change is that the link or URL will be modified. Therefore, if you have it added to any web portal or online platform, you must change it to new. Otherwise, it will throw an “ERROR” to anyone who tries to enter the page.

The good news is that you will continue to maintain the same number of followers; however, you will need to inform your audience about the change as it can be confusing for the first few days.

Can I get my old name back?

Instagram name

When we talk about the “Instagram Name,” if it is possible to change it without so many restrictions, being a name or nickname created to show your followers, it is possible to change it as many times as you want regardless of whether it is repeated or not.

Instagram username

On the other hand, when we refer to “Instagram Username,” it is more complicated. As we explained previously, once the change has been made twice, you must wait at least 14 days to place a different one.

And if you want your old name back, the platform has implemented a new “lock” on the user’s account for fourteen days to prevent a bot from stealing your old name during the rest period.

The specialist in Reverse Engineering discovered this solution, Jane Manchun Wong, who assures through a statement on Twitter that: ” This is the end of username capturing robots. “

Why won’t Instagram let me change my name?

  • One of the reasons why the social network does not allow the name change is non-compliance with the requirements above. We recommend that you recheck the characters, the minimum number of words, and, of course, that the user is available.

Why wont Instagram let me change my name

  • If you are trying to place your old user after you have exceeded the 14 day break time, it is most likely that someone else has taken it. Therefore, the platform will not let you make the changes, and you will have lost your user forever .
  • If you continue testing with different users and won’t let you change the name, it’s time to restart your computer and try again later.