How to Convert PDF to word without using MS Office


How to Convert PDF to word without using MS Office

If you do not want to use MS Word for creating word files based on PDF inputs, then do not worry, we have tons of solutions for you. Converting pdf to word manually can take a lot of time and effort plus this method has become very outdated. 

You can easily use the modern pdf to word converter tools to change a pdf file to editable word. You must know that there are plenty of format changer tools on the web, but not all of them are reliable. 

In this brief traction, we are going to introduce you to the most authentic conversion tools on the internet!

PDF to Word converter tools for accurate and quick conversions

Here are the tools that can be used by anyone and everyone wanting to convert their pdf files to word.

PDF to Word converter by PlagiarismDetector.Net

This pdf to word converter is a relatively new tool if compared with others in this league. Being new does not mean that this online tool is not reliable; you will be surprised to know that this PDF to docs converter has the most modern conversion algorithms, which makes the conversion very accurate. This online pdf to word converter is extremely easy to use and quick in its services. This free pdf converter also has integrations with online storage spaces including Google Drive and Dropbox and so if you need to upload pdf files from there then you can do it in less than seconds. The conversion to word format is exactly accurate, and the format is kept intact!

PDF element 

PDF element is a website that is filled up with tools that can help you manipulate this format. WE want you to know that this all-in-one pdf tool can help you not only in converting files to word but to all other potential office formats. You can also edit the pdf files with this tool, compress them, merge them, split them, and also zip them together. The pdf to word converter tool offered by this website is exactly accurate in its working, and this is the reason that people love this tool. The format of the pdf files is not disturbed in the conversion process, which is a big plus.

PDF to Word converter by Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a reliable platform. This website has a good reputation for finding plagiarism but what you don’t know is that this website offers many other free tools that can provide you with free and reliable service. The pdf to word converter tool offered by Duplichecker is one of the most famous online programs. This tool works online via a browser just like the scanner. You have to use the uploading options to enter the pdf files in the tool. After insertion, you have to use the convert option to start the process. You will get a new word file in less than twenty seconds.

I Love PDF

I love PDF is one of the simplest online tools that can help you in free and accurate conversions. This website tool is also a complete package that can help you with all sorts of conversion, including word. This tool can not only help you in the inaccurate and well-formatted conversion of pdf to the word but also in the processing of all pdf files, merging, compression, watermarking, rotation and splitting of files. This website tool has the simplest interface, so you do not have to worry about how it works. This tool can work for free with some limitations. Still, if you register an account with the tool, then you can easily get premium services!


This online PDF converter tool is another program that can help you by providing designated services in the conversion of PDF to word. You must know that this online tool is compatible with all sorts of operating systems, and you can also use it on smartphones. The good thing about this pdf converter is that it protects the originality of the file in the process of conversion. You will be startled to know that this online pdf to word converter tool can also help you with batch conversions of pdf files. You can input and convert 20 files in one go which is a big plus!


This online converter tool is another service that can help you not only in converting word files to pdf but also pdf files to word. This online converter tool works in six different languages which makes it a proper tool all across the globe. This online converter is also known as the most popular converter because of its ability to produce accurate and well-in-style results. This tool can also cater to big batches of pdf files. You have to select pdf files from your local storage and enter them in the tool. You will get new word files in less than ten seconds!