How To Delete Your Google History On Your Android Mobile

Today we are going to explain how to delete your Google history on your Android mobile. Google’s browsing history is a website where all the activities you do from any of your devices are centralized. Today we are going to explain how to use it to see what you have done with your mobile, and how to delete the history.

How To Delete Your Google History On Your Android Mobile

We will explain it in two easy steps. First, we are going to teach you how to enter Google History and view only the history of things you have done on your Android. Then we will go on to tell you the various ways you have to clear history items, from single points to the entire history of actions on Android completely.

How to see everything you’ve done on your mobile

The first thing you have to do is enter the page, and you will go to a page where you will see all your activities on all your devices. Once there, click on the Filter by date and product option to choose which history you want to see.

You will be taken to a screen where you can choose which results you want to see on the previous page. In it, select the Android button, and then tap Apply. By doing so, the content will be filtered to show you only what you have done with your Android devices.

You’ll see a detailed list of everything you’ve done on your Android devices, from how many times you’ve used the home screen to what apps you’ve been opening and when. If you want to search for specific applications or tools that you have used, write the term in the Search field, and if you want to add some other filter besides Android to find your activities related to a certain topic, click on the + symbol below the Search field .

How to delete Google history on Android

To delete a single item from the activity history, you have to do is click on the three-dot icon to the right of the activity you want to delete (1). When you do, a menu will open, and in it, you have to click on the Delete option (2).

To clear an entire day’s worth of activity history items, first, scroll to the specific day. The different days are marked with a box with the results below. To the right of each day, you have a trash can icon, and if you click on that icon, all the content that corresponds to the corresponding day will be deleted, but only that related to Android or the search filter that you have applied.

And to delete the history of everything you’ve done with your Android, you have to do is click on the three-point icon that you have at the top right (1), next to the Search field. In the drop-down menu, choose the Delete results option (2). Once you delete all this data you will not be able to recover it.