How to know if you have been blocked on Facebook and what you can do about it

The social network Facebook allows you to send messages to your friends, comment on their wall or see their personal information, but what happens when you cannot do these actions?

Like you can block on Facebook, other users can also block you to prevent you from communicating with them. However, how can you confirm that you have actually been blocked and not a platform failure?

In this guide, we explain the details that you must consider to know if you have been blocked on Facebook and, thus, stop trying to contact a user who does not want a relationship with you (at least on Facebook).

Finally, we investigate if there is any possibility of bypassing this block to communicate with the friend who has blocked you. We started!

How to know if you have been blocked on Facebook

Keep these things in mind to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook.

You can’t send him messages.

One of the easiest ways to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook is to try sending that friend a message through Facebook Messenger.

Access the chat and search for their conversation. If his name appears in black instead of blue, it means that you cannot send him messages, and he has probably blocked you.

You can’t see their information.

If you could see a friend’s wall before and now you can’t, the conclusion is clear: they have blocked you from Facebook, and they don’t want you to have access to that information.

This applies if the person had you added as a friend; otherwise, they may simply have changed their privacy, and only friends can see their wall.

You cannot comment on their wall.

We continue on the wall of the friend you are suspicious of to explain another detail that indicates they have blocked you: you cannot comment on their wall.

That’s right, if in addition to not seeing their information or activity, you cannot post on their Facebook wall, everything indicates that they have blocked you.

We repeat that this applies when you have already added that user as a friend on the social network. If not, that person may have set only their friends to view and comment on their wall.

You don’t appear on their friend’s list.

The Facebook friends list is very enlightening, and it can confirm to you in a few seconds if a contact has blocked you or not.

If contact was on your friend’s list and no longer is, it is probably because they have removed you from Facebook. Deleting is not synonymous with blocking; it may simply have been deleted from the list of friends since they are not interested in the content you publish.

However, if you cannot access their profile, and other friends of yours can, it is a clear indication that they have blocked you.

I can’t find her profile.

This method requires a second Facebook account unknown to the person we are investigating. If you have blocked us, we will not find your profile from the platform’s search engine.

Search his profile with another Facebook account; if in that account you do have access to the contact, it means that he has blocked you.

Your name still appears in shared games.

The last detail you can check to see if a Facebook friend has blocked you is in the Games section. To do this, you must have shared a game recently.

Since some games are not updated to the latest changes, you can take advantage and enter the game that you were playing together. If the friend’s name still appears there, but you can’t send them messages, and you don’t appear on their friend’s list, they may have blocked you.

Is it possible to avoid the blockade?

Is it possible to avoid the blockade

Is there a way to bypass the block on Facebook?

No, it is not possible to avoid blocking a friend who has blocked your Facebook account so that you cannot send him messages, post on his wall, or share games with you.

The only thing you can do is accept the blockade and leave that contact alone because he has wanted it to be by putting a barrier between them on Facebook.