Whatsapp Down? How to know if it does not work and latest failures

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world. This huge user base causes that, as soon as its service drops, the malfunction of WhatsApp is news that goes around the world in just minutes.

Obviously, these drops benefit other platforms such as Telegram, which become a second option for those affected. But, has WhatsApp crashed, or is it just a problem with your phone?

This question can arise when you see that the messages are not sent, so it is advisable to check if WhatsApp is down using a series of interesting tools.

Whatsapp Down How to know if it does not work and latest failures

How to know if WhatsApp is down?

The service app will show you the first signs that WhatsApp is not working as it should. If you see that you have not received messages from other users for a while (and this is not normal for you), you will begin to suspect that something is wrong. You can confirm it when sending messages that do not reach the receiver since the clock that appears just to the right of the sending time does not change to double-check.

The permanent appearance of the clock is a clear indicator that the WhatsApp service is not working, although based only on what happens on your phone, you will not know if it is your problem or it is the fault of the messaging network. Time to check it out with other tools.

Through external web pages

Fortunately, there are currently several web pages that you can turn to to find out if WhatsApp is down and does not work for any user. One of them is DownDetector, in which you will first have to select the service from which you want the information. In this case, choose WhatsApp to access its section and see how the platform works in those moments.

Through external web pages

As you can see in the image, Downdetector warns you that there may be “Possible problems in WhatsApp.” Along with the comments of the users themselves, the functions of this website make it easy for you to confirm in just seconds if WhatsApp works well or is down. In addition, it shows you the activity of the service in the last 24 hours and allows you to check past problems.

Another handy website to check the operation of the messaging network is IsTheServiceDownAs on the previous page, the first thing you should do is select the WhatsApp section to obtain the service information. The similarities with Downdetector are obvious: it also informs you of possible current problems, the status during the last 24 hours, the last problems suffered and has a section for users to comment on WhatsApp.

Through external web pages 1

“Is WhatsApp down right now?” They ask from Outage Report. In this case, the web echoes the reports reported by users from any area of ​​the planet. Thus, you can also indicate if you are having problems with WhatsApp so that other users who live near you know that it is something general. In addition, Outage Report has a real-time map to see which countries the service does not work as it should.

Through external web pages 2

We could not forget in this article from WABetaInfo, the specialized website that usually reports before any other of the upcoming WhatsApp news. Enter its Server Status section to check how the service works in different parts of the world, if there is a server down or running slow, or the average latency.

Through external web pages 3

Via Twitter

The latest WhatsApp problems have also been accompanied by the falls of Facebook and Instagram, so Twitter has become the best refuge for those affected. Just take a look at the hashtag #whatsappdown on the microblogging network to see if WhatsApp is down or not.

Users all over the world use this tag to report the malfunction of the other app via Twitter. Immediately, the platform becomes a meeting of those affected who comment on whether the problem is global or limited to a region, whether it will last, or simply share memes to joke about WhatsApp.

Either through websites such as Downdetector or WABetaInfo or through social networks that are still standing, such as Twitter, finding out if WhatsApp is really down will allow you to discard doubts with your mobile or your Internet connection in a matter of seconds.

The latest WhatsApp drops

Unfortunately for its users, WhatsApp goes down more often than some of its more popular alternatives.

Over the last few months, we have witnessed several problems in the service that have led to crashes of the messaging app. These are the ten most recent:

Jul 3, 2019

What appeared to be an isolated crash of Instagram ended up being a crash of WhatsApp in July 2019, as well as the rest of Facebook services.

The application, once again, temporarily stopped working due to problems centered on the CDN – Content Delivery Network – that Facebook uses to manage multimedia content. Although it was possible to continue using the platforms, it was not possible to publish new content on Instagram or Facebook, or download images, videos, or audios received through WhatsApp.

Apr 14, 2019

WhatsApp stopped working in half the world in April 2019. The most used messaging application on the planet was experiencing problems in several countries, as hundreds of users reported in services such as DownDetector.

This is the second WhatsApp crash in 2019, but it was not the only one. On this occasion, the problem affected not only WhatsApp but also Facebook and Instagram.

March 16, 2018

It had not happened for too long. As we discovered through external tools, WhatsApp was down in several countries, including Spain, much of Europe, and some areas of Latin America.

According to rumors, it seems that WhatsApp was initiating the procedures for the migration of its servers to those of Facebook, and it was not surprising that in the following week’s new malfunctions appeared on the platform.

December 31, 2017

WhatsApp stopped working on New Years’ Eve 2017. History repeated itself and is that on New Year’s Eve 2015, the popular messaging app also crashed and stopped serving the thousands of users it has around the world.

As DownDetector quickly reflected, dozens of users from all over the globe were reporting the problems on WhatsApp. According to the map, WhatsApp failed in much of central Europe, and Spain was also affected by the crash.

In Latin America, problems were reported from places like Puerto Rico, Argentina, Peru, or Brazil, so everything indicates that the WhatsApp failure was global.

November 17, 2017

Also, in November, we had to witness a WhatsApp crash, which affected different parts of the world equally.

Much of Europe – including Spain – South Africa, Malaysia, a small part of China, and another small part of India suffered the fall of WhatsApp, leaving millions of users without service.

September 22, 2017

Once again, WhatsApp went down in much of Europe. The Facebook application already had a few drops to its credit throughout 2017, affecting the millions of users who use the application daily.

May 3, 2017

After the fall of WhatsApp in May 2017, social networks were flooded with memes of all kinds under the hashtag “#whatsappdown,” thus setting a precedent that would be repeated in subsequent falls.