How To Know If You Have Been Blocked On WhatsApp

How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

Have you not had time to answer me or have you blocked me on WhatsApp? That is a recurring question nowadays with the growing popularity of the application, and today we are going to tell you how you can know if someone has blocked you in it.

We will do it through a series of clues and indications that may point to it, some more conclusive than others. Keep in mind that just because one or two are fulfilled, they do not have to have blocked you, but if all of them are fulfilled (especially the last ones), it is a possibility that you should take into account.

I can’t see your last connection time

In general, WhatsApp tells you what time your contact last connected to the application. Therefore, if this information does not appear on your profile, it may be a first clue that you have been blocked.

But it is not a very conclusive clue. You have to keep in mind that WhatsApp allows you to hide this last hour of connection in its privacy options, and more and more people decide to do so to try to safeguard their privacy a bit.

Your profile picture doesn’t change

The normal thing in communities and social networks is that from time to time we change our profile picture. It can also be done on WhatsApp, although if a person has blocked you, you will not have access to that type of profile update. Therefore, if you notice that the contact you are trying to talk to has not changed for months, you may have to worry.

However, it is still not a conclusive clue, since there are many of us who, when we particularly like an avatar and/or already identify a lot with it, can go years without changing it.

You don’t stop receiving my messages

Another sign that points in that direction may be that the messages you send remain with a single tick/tick. This is the signal that your message has been delivered to the WhatsApp server, but unless a second tick appears, it will not even have reached the device of the person you sent it to.

This could be because they have blocked you, of course, but also because they have simply had their mobile turned off or are traveling somewhere with no connection. It may even be the case that they have not blocked you, but have simply stopped using WhatsApp altogether.

I can’t make a voice call

Let’s start now with some more definitive signs. One of the most direct ways to find out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is to try to make a voice call. You will do it by going to the calls tab of the app, clicking on the green phone icon, and choosing the contact you want to call.

Being unable to connect with that person is pretty strong proof that they may have blocked you. However, there is still the possibility that it has happened that every time you have tried to call it, it coincides with the device being turned off or out of range.

I can’t add it to a group

And that’s when the final test comes, trying to add this person to a WhatsApp group. If the application tells you that an error has occurred and you are not authorized to add that person, the thing is clear, they have removed you from their contacts and that is why they are not receiving any of your messages.

To do this check, go to one of your groups and click on the top, the name of the group, and the participants. You will go to the screen you see in the screenshot, where there is an option to Add a participant. Tap it and choose the contact you want to add to see if they have blocked you or not.