How To Know Who Stops Following You On Instagram Without Using Third-Party Apps Or Websites

How to know who stops following you on Instagram without using third party apps or websites

We are going to explain how to know if someone has stopped following you on Instagram, without having to use any third-party application or website that steals your data. It is a process that can be a bit tedious or long if you want to check it with many people, but it is simple and comfortable if you want to check it with a few users.

This is something that will help you to check if specific people stopped following you since Instagram cannot notify you if someone stops following you. The mechanics are simple when you enter someone’s user profile on Instagram, you’ll quickly know if this person follows you. If it’s someone who followed you before, you’ll know they’ve stopped now.

Check if an account continues to follow you

Check if an account continues to follow you

The first thing you have to do is look for a user that you think may have unfollowed you on Instagram. You can use the search engine or look among those you follow. What you should do is enter this user’s profile, which is where you see his posts.

If this user’s account is private and does not let you see his posts, it is because he has stopped following you, and if you do not see the user or you get a blank page, he will have deleted his account or blocked you. But with the accounts open where you can see the content, what you have to do is click on their following number to access the list of accounts that this user follows.

If your username appears at the top of this person’s list, it is because they follow you. Instagram always puts you first when you see the followers list of a person who is following you.

If your username doesn’t appear at the top of the list of accounts this person is following, it can only be because the account has unfollowed you. Then, you will have already obtained this information without having to link your account and give away your data to third-party applications or services.

Beware of third-party apps

The case of third-party applications is a bit complicated since Instagram has restricted its API to such an extent that practically none is capable of correctly analyzing who is not following you. Therefore, most apps that promise to do so are lying, although there are always some surprising exceptions.

In addition, you should also know that when you use a third-party application you are giving it your data. Not just your account logins, but the content of this account that they can collect. There are third-party apps that are very careful about taking care of your privacy, although there is always the possibility that in the future it will change hands and philosophy.