How To Make Calls From A Hidden Number On Android And IPhone

How to make calls from a hidden number on Android and iPhone

We are going to explain how to make calls from a hidden number, both on Android phones and on iPhones. This is a method with which your interlocutor will not be able to see your telephone number when you call them, and therefore neither know that it is you nor return the call or save your telephone number in the phonebook.

Hiding this number is not as difficult as it seems, since all mobiles offer the possibility of doing it in their settings. We are going to explain three methods, starting with how to configure it on Android. Then we will tell you how to do it in iOS as well, and we will finish by telling you the codes that you can dial by typing the number you are going to call to hide your number in a specific call that you are going to make.

How to make calls from a hidden number on Android

On Android, the option to configure hidden number calls may vary depending on the device, although they are always in the phone application. We are going from the Google Phone application, where when you are on the main screen you have to click on the three-point button that you have at the top right and click on the Settings option.

Once you are inside the settings of the phone app, you will see many different options. In this menu, you have to click on the Calls option. If the calling application is different the option may have a different name.

Once you are in the call-related options, then you should have an additional settings option or something similar. And within this option is where you will see the options to display the caller ID.

How to make calls from a hidden number on iPhone

In iOS the process is even faster. If you have an iPhone, the first thing you have to do is go to the device Settings and click on the Phone option to enter the call function settings.

Once you enter the phone settings, you have to click on the Show caller ID option, which is the last one that will appear in the Calls section that you will see almost at the top.

You will go to a screen where you only have one option, so there is no place to get lost either. Here, disable the Show Caller ID option by clicking on the button to the right until the toggle is turned to the left of the button. And that’s it, from now on you can make calls with a hidden number until you return to this menu to indicate otherwise.

Codes to call with a hidden number

In addition to the changes in the device’s configuration, there is a series of codes with which you can make calls with a hidden number without messing with the phone and directly from the call option. Apply them, go to the Phone application, and enter the section where you dial the number to call.

First, we will show you the code to call with a hidden number in a single call. This code varies depending on the country, but in the case of Spain, it is #31# followed by the number you are going to call. For example, if you are calling “111222333”, the number you should dial is “#31#111222333”, without the quotes. The interlocutor will receive the call, but the number will be hidden. You can also save this number in the phonebook with the code so that you can always call it with a hidden call.

In addition, you also have this other series of codes: * If you press *31# and the call button, you permanently activate call concealment. * If you press #31# and the call button, you permanently disable call masking. * If you press #31# followed by the number, you activate call masking for only one call.