How To Recover Your Facebook Password

Today we are going to explain step by step how to recover your Facebook password. Although nowadays if it is not a third-party manager, it is the browser itself that remembers the passwords, it is always possible that for some reason you do not have your usual browser and want to enter your account without remembering your password. And you may even need to do it because someone has accessed your account and changed your password.

How To Recover Your Facebook Password

That is why services and social networks such as Facebook offer you the possibility of recovering your password. The only thing you will need is to remember the email you use with your account to start the password recovery and change process.

Recover your Facebook password

Whether you have tried to enter your account or not, the first thing you have to do to recover your password and be able to change it again is to click on the option Have you forgotten your account details? that will appear next to the box to enter your email and password. This will start the recovery process.

Once you start the account recovery process, the first thing it will ask you is to write your email or the mobile number that you have configured in your account. With this step, Facebook will be able to know exactly which account each user wants to recover.

Writing the mobile phone will only serve to identify your account since if you choose this method you will not receive SMS. Instead, when Facebook knows which account you are referring to, it will send you an email with the access code.

Therefore, write your email or your mobile number, the final step will end up being the same. Facebook will send you an email with a security code, and it will take you to a page where you have to type that code to confirm your identity and finish accessing the account.

The email that will arrive will be like the one you see in this screenshot. You will have a link to change the password, but also the security code that the general Facebook page will be asking for when you are doing the recovery process.

Whether you use the link in the email or the security code sent to you in the email, Facebook will recommend choosing a new password. It is assumed that this entire process is because you do not remember the one you had, so it is advisable to use a new one that you do remember. Remember that we also have an article on how to create a secure password that can help you in this step.

And that’s it, whether you change your password or not, Facebook will allow you to access your account again. When you do, a box will appear asking you if you want to remember the password in the browser, so that even if you haven’t changed it you can continue to enter your account using this same browser.