How To See All The Posts You’ve ‘Liked’ On Instagram

How to see all the posts you've 'liked' on Instagram

We are going to explain how to see all the posts that you have liked on Instagram, a method with which you can take a trip to the past and revisit all of them. It is a history that only you can see and which you can only access through the mobile application of the social network. If you use the web, you will not be able to see it there, and you will have to use your mobile.

Accessing this history can help you in several cases. For example, to try to locate that user you stopped following and regretted or the one whose photos you liked but you didn’t manage to follow the user. The process is very fast, and the same steps work for Android and iOS. Therefore, even if the screenshots are from Android, you can follow the same steps on an iPhone.

See all your Instagram likes

The first thing you have to do is open the Instagram application, and once in it, you have to enter your profile. For that, you have to click on the icon where your profile image appears at the bottom right.

Once you are in your profile, you have to click on the ☰ menu button, which appears on the top right on both Android and iOS. A menu will open, in which you have to click on the Settings option to access the Instagram settings.

Once inside the Instagram Settings menu, you have to click on the Account section that appears with the icon of a head in a circle. By doing so, you will enter and see the options related to your user account.

Once you are inside the Account section, you have to click on the option of Publications that you have liked. It is an option that seems quite down.

You will enter a screen where you will see all the publications that you have given a Like ordered by publication date. You can navigate through this list and click on one to access it, being able to enter the profile of the person who published it, remove the Like, or do anything you can do when you enter a publication from the main feed.