How to Use Welcome Emails to Delight Your New Blog Subscribers


How to Use Welcome Emails to Delight Your New Blog Subscribers

Email is perhaps the oldest and most trusted digital communication technique, which makes it highly effective and efficient marketing tool worldwide. However, recently some marketing experts have pointed out that emails have gotten quite an unfavorable reputation. And it’s not because customers got tired of them and don’t treat them as useful any more, rather the key reason is that many businesses have abused this method by sending out so much irrelevant junk to their audience. As a result, the marketing potential and value of email appears to have dropped recently. Still, this doesn’t not mean at all that you should eliminate this tool from your promotion strategy. What you definitely need to do is to make sure that every single email you send has a clear objective and provides value to the customers. And when doing that, it’s crucial to state this objective as precisely as possible. When it comes to promotional emails, the starting point is to define the list of recipients. Today I’m going to focus on subscriber welcome email, so, obviously, the recipient list is already known. Now, let’s move to the next steps.

What is a Subscriber Welcome Email?

How to Use Welcome Emails

It is the first email you send after you receive a new subscriber. In terms of retaining that subscriber, you need to do your best to express your appreciation about that person becoming your subscriber. Additionally, in this kind of email you should emphasize the fact that you are going to send only relevant content that will prove of value and would n’t waste your recipient’s time in vain. Importantly, when it comes to a welcome email to subscribers, many marketers overlook another important email type closely associated with this one. And it’s subscriber follow-up email. It aims at telling the subscriber the value your content offers to assist them with solving a challenge they face or to take care of a need they experience. Make sure you include concrete facts and precise information, rather than general phrases of politeness.

Genuine Person-Focused Content

Given the extremely high competition level, today’s email communication is shaped to reach individuals rather than broader audiences. Personalization and rich content is the key to success for any brand that wants to stand out among competitors. You don’t send out emails just for the sake of sending or out of pure politeness – you want your recipients to open them and browse. If you manage to provide information that is interesting and relevant, your chances to get a continued readership will grow significantly. Try to use every option available to humanize your email by including, for example, a photo of your team or links to additional helpful materials. When your subscribers get a feeling that you care about them and value them, this will be your big advantage at the end of the day. Offering special price or discount coupons is the right approach in this regard. And last but not least, never miss out on an opportunity to showcase your label. From the perspective of customers’ loyalty and recognition, it’s vital. With the help of a label maker online you can me the most out of its graphic design potential.

What is a Subscriber Welcome Email

Leverage Interaction

Two-way communication is much more effective and efficient, when compared to one-way information streaming. Make your emails interactive by adding a quick poll or some funny questionnaire or similar things. Turn your storytelling into a conversation: regular feedback from the recipients will help you to gauge your performance and better understand your audience’s interests.

Human Perspective

Any marketer can tell you the golden rule: people enjoy reading about other people, especially when these are people full of inspiration and creativity. Boring numbers and statistics is what you need to know, not your customers. Sharing success stories generated in your company and in your dream team will help the recipients to better relate themselves to what you do as well as get more involved into your mission and values.

Possibility to Unsubscribe

Understandably, nobody would like to see their subscribers leaving. But you need to make sure that every email you send comes with an “unsubscribe” button. For a customer, it’s is very important not to feel cornered and understand that they can cancel a subscription at any time they feel like doing it without having to deal with any dirty tricks from your side.


Video is a great method to convey a lot of complex information with limited written words. Subscribers don’t want to read a lengthy email. Video is an extremely efficient form of communication that subscribers are very responsive to.

Final Words

Every marketer and brand wants their customers to find their welcome email valuable in the first place. And a valuable email equals to valuable content it offers to the recipients. Incorporating a wide range of content types and subjects, that cover all potential spheres of customers’ interests, is a guaranteed way to success.

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