Impatient for The Elder Scrolls VI? Watch out for The Wayward Realms teaser, the work of two of the creators of Bethesda’s first RPGs

Impatient for The Elder Scrolls VI

That the launch of The Elder Scrolls VI will belong to everyone, not in vain, does have to come out first Starfield, and its date is just as far away, as it does not go on sale until November 11, 2022. And within RPG that we look forward to, we cannot ignore Avowed either Obsidians.

Luckily, another representative of the genre has just appeared under the tutelage of two Bethesda veterans: Ted Peterson and Julian LeFay. Both were responsible for the design and programming, respectively, of the first The Elder Scrolls (Arena and Daggerfall). And now with a new project in hand: The Wayward Realms.

Once Lost Games, their studio, will offer us a fantasy RPG in an open world where they ensure that any choice will have its consequence and with a scope never seen in a game with these characteristics. They define it, in fact, as “The Great RPG.” A prior, it sounds remarkably like Peter Molyneux with his presentation of the first Fable, but we will have to give them a vote of confidence because of their origins …

Their teaser doesn’t say much, in any case. But at least some unknowns are cleared up through its Steam file and its official page, such as when highlighting that its world will be of enormous dimensions, surpassing the vast majority of role-playing games. And with big cities with “hundreds or thousands” of NPCs.

Besides, it repeats that it will be difficult for there to be two equal games for all the variables that we can modify based on our actions as their world (and therefore their history) is constantly evolving. The virtual master of the game “will make things interesting,” and the events will cause effects of various kinds in the role that we have adopted as a character to play.

The study ensures that we will not be linked to the typical genre classes, such as warrior or magician, but that it will go a step further in personalization. And this will also extend to skills or when creating spells, potions, or enchantments. All quite ambitious, just like for his lore, where there will be much to discover in his world. Let’s see if it lives up to its origins.