iPhone 15: Release Date, Models, Prices And Everything We Think We Know About Them

iPhone 15release date, models, prices and everything we think we know about them

Apple already has the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max on the market. And there are already those who are thinking about the iPhone 15. This year, the renovation has been quite minor, and the iPhone 15 is expected to be the model that arrives with all the meat on the grill. Although it is early to have official information, we will tell you what we think we know about this new phone.

What versions will there be of the iPhone 15?

Without consideration. Apple has officially killed the iPhone 13 mini, replacing it with a Plus variant that aims to sell much more (size, in the end, mattered). Having seen last year’s models, except for great surprise, these would be the iPhone versions for 2023 in the 15 families.

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max (Ultra?)

Predictably, The Plus model will come to stay, so evolution is expected in each family member, but respecting the members is seen in 2022. According to Mark Gurman, Apple could replace the iPhone Pro Max with the Ultra, as he did with his Apple Watch. This change would differentiate the Ultra from the Pro, making the 15 Pro model no longer the equally capable but small option.

Rumors seem to confirm that there will be an Ultra model and that it will be finished in steel, like the Apple Watch Ultra. It is not clear if this model will replace the Max or if it will coexist with it.

What will the design of the iPhone 15 be like?

What will the design of the iPhone 15 be like

Apple has redesigned the front of the iPhone 15 and, taking into account the life cycles that Apple gives to its technologies; its Dynamic Island has a long way to go. The front should be the same on the Pro models, although we remain doubtful whether Apple will keep the notch on the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. The most recent information reveals that these models will have a dynamic island and much better frontal use.

The new leaks, the most complete to date, reveal that the Pro models will have much better frontal use than the models of the last generation. The frames are now thinner, so the frame-to-screen ratio is much more optimal.

The leak also points to the end of the physical buttons after the capacitive buttons. We have no news on how they will work if the device is blocked, but it will undoubtedly be one of the big changes in the world of Apple. This change will undoubtedly affect the current covers, which would no longer be compatible with the new generation models. Given the possible change in size, it is an expected novelty.

The new information points to a renewal in the low-consumption chip of the iPhone 15, which now allows the phone to be located under the ‘Search’ network. This new chip will allow the buttons to continue working even when the device is turned off.

What will the design of the iPhone 15 be like

The camera module will be taller than ever, indicating major changes in the thickness of the lenses, as well as changes in the sensors. The photographic section of this device should be a significant leap forward.

In this generation, Apple has wanted to differentiate the Pro models from the base variants more than ever, so it would not be unreasonable to think that the iPhone 15 would keep the notch. Once again, stainless steel is expected to be reserved for Pro models only, following the tradition of recent years.

Kuo affirms that the iPhone 15 Pro will be very differentiated, trying to segment them and make them a secondary product concerning the more ambitious variants. The decision will harm those who want an accessible base iPhone, and that will allow them to “justify” the price increases in the Pro variants.

The most groundbreaking would be the Ultra, finished in titanium, very similar to the Apple Watch Ultra, and with a fourth camera sensor whose functionality is currently unknown.

What will be its characteristics?

Not too many changes are expected in the screens of the next iPhone 15, except in the smallest model, which would have 6.2 inches. The big change would come from USB-C, already mandatory by the European Union. Apple already implements the C port in some of its iPad models and all of its Macs, so we hope that the 14th generation was the last with a Lightning port.

This next generation 15, in the same way, does aim to be one of the biggest renewals in the history of the iPhone, although, for the moment, all are rumors. There is talk that Touch ID under the screen would arrive on the iPhone 15 to complement the next generation of Face ID.

In the same way, these phones could mean the arrival of a new periscopic zoom, a technology that Apple does not implement and in which its main rivals are ahead. The main sensor would remain at 48 megapixels, and Apple is exploring the possibilities of Pixel Binning with the new generations.

The new Apple A17 Bionic is also expected for the Pro models, repeating the Apple A6 Bionic of the iPhone 14 in the iPhone 15. The latest processors only reach the Pro models as part of Apple’s differentiation plan.

The latest rumors cast doubt on whether the edges will be flat. Apple would be considering making these rounds, as in the iPhone 6, but there is no firm decision yet. Logic indicates that there should be no radical changes, at least in the base models.

The device will arrive with iOS 17, a version presented today at the Apple developer conference that we can install in its first beta version.

When will the iPhone 15 be presented?

Following the tradition, the iPhone 15 is expected to arrive in the first weeks of September, in an event in which we would also meet the Apple Watch Series 9, and who knows if a renewal of the recent Apple Watch Ultra. The most probable date is September 12, as the usual leakers, Gurman and LeaksApplePro, have slipped.

What we do know is the presentation date of iOS 17, the operating system that will give life to the iPhone 15. Between June 5 and 9 will be WWDC 2023, the great Apple event in which we hope to learn about the new Apple virtual reality device.

What prices will the iPhone 15 have?

With this year’s price increase at Apple, one of the most notable since the iPhone X, Apple is not expected to raise prices again, except for the Pro model. If the formula were repeated, these would be the prices of the new iPhone 15.

  • iPhone 15: from 1,009 euros
  • iPhone 15 Plus: from 1,159 euros
  • iPhone 15 Pro: from 1,319 euros
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: from 1,469 euros
  • iPhone 15 Ultra: 1,999 euros?

A curious fact is that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have already suffered the biggest price drop in their history on Amazon. Today, we can buy these models for about 200 euros less than their PVP. Apple’s price increase strategy may not be working as expected, but it is a small breath of hope that the new generation iPhones do not continue to raise their final ticket.