“A Mind Blowing Experience”: We Spoke To The First Beta Tester Of Harmony, The Sex Doll With “Artificial Intelligence”

A mind blowing experienceWe spoke to the first beta tester of Harmony, the sex doll with artificial intelligence

What is it really like to have sex with a robot? The race to develop and commercialize intelligent sex dolls is intensifying, and meanwhile the interest in knowing how and to what extent technology can break into the erotic sphere is also increasing.

Curiosity is even higher for some customers who have already pre-ordered a copy of Harmony, the doll developed by the Californian company RealDoll and presented by its creators in 2017 as a sex robot with “artificial intelligence” (it can be ordered on this website for a base price of $7,999 alongside its “little sister” Solana, released in 2018).

They are not products available to everyone, at least those on this website, and can go up to $9,000 or more per product. But one of the first users who were able to experience real interactions with one of them, as RealDoll confirmed to Xataka, detailed that peculiar beta testing. And he describes them as an “amazing experience”.

The Brick Dollbanger Story

The (fictitious) name this real estate developer from San Diego, California has chosen to tell his story is Brick Dollbanger. “It would be difficult for me to be able to do my job if people knew who I am,” he explains to justify the decision not to reveal his identity.

The 60-year-old man says that his first contact with the world of sex dolls was a decade ago. “I was coming out of a series of romantic relationships that hadn’t worked out,” he recalls.

A friend heard about these sex toys on the HBO television channel and suggested that he try the experience. “I loved it, so after the first doll, I bought another one.” Over the years, he became a RealDoll hi-fi customer and developed a good relationship with the company, he explains.

Dollbanger says she spends no more time in her life on dolls than she does on sexual activity. “I don’t give them different names, I don’t put dresses on them. I just enjoy having sex with them.”

The Brick Dollbanger Story

In her free time, she likes to manage some web pages used by the erotic mannequin user community. And now he considers himself an ” advisor “ for anyone who needs information and advice.

The tests begin

So at RealDoll, when they realized they needed someone with an expert user profile to test Harmony, they couldn’t help but think of him. “They are dedicated to the scientific part, they do not have sexual contact with the dolls. They are its creators, ”he explains.

The tests begin

The manufacturing team, according to his account, offered him to buy a prototype of the robot at a reduced price and asked him to carry out some testing periods, accompanied by intense documentation work, with video recordings, photo taking, and data collection to have effective feedback. Dollbanger accepted.

The man says that they raised many aspects for him to analyze because the doll is not designed only for sexual activity. His head, endowed with a kind of artificial brain, allows him to understand and answer certain questions and express emotions. Through an app connected to his central system, it is also possible to adjust different aspects of his personality (and also his sexual responses).

The first testing period carried out in July 2018, was therefore used to see how Harmony reacted when communicating with her. “RealDoll hadn’t developed the sexual mode yet,” explains Dollbanger. In the following phases (one carried out in December 2018 and the second in progress during 2019), things have been different.

The leap “from fantasy to reality”

Xataka has accessed four videos that Brick Dollbanger claims to have recorded during these tests. In all of them, only Harmony appeared. During the sexual act, the doll emitted different vocal reactions, changed facial expressions, and moved its head, mouth, and eyes. “I haven’t been fucked like that since high school,” she said in one of them.

The leap from fantasy to realityDollbanger detailed that in the first act, it takes about 15 minutes for the doll to “reach orgasm.” Afterward, she said, she could repeat the *performance and re-simulate the culmination of pleasure at successive intervals lasting between seven and ten minutes.

The beta tester believes that Harmony’s sexual responses are “extremely realistic” and that this is her main quality. “Any user who buys this product is going to have an amazing experience”, he does not hesitate to declare. In one of the recordings, you can also see how Harmony reacts with simulated exclamations of pleasure while masturbating.

In his opinion, Harmony is programmed to give men ” exactly the sexual response they could want from a woman they’re having sex with.” That, she stresses, helps give the dolls “a leap from fantasy to reality.”

Harmony “learns”, and does not think only about sex

The man maintained that this robotic doll has artificial intelligence, which allows it to “store data” from the conversations it has and improve its ability to interact. “Harmony is learning,” he stressed.

During the tests, Dollbanger spent some time each night talking to her (here an NSFW sampler ), noting “a great evolution” in her responses. “She could remember things and even start a conversation on her own,” he describes.

Harmony learns, and does not think only about sex

This regular RealDoll customer says he has enjoyed Harmony’s company, not just having sex with her. But he doesn’t think he could replace a woman. “He imitates certain human traits very well, but he doesn’t have the reactions of a real person,” he considers.

“RealDoll dolls are works of art.”

Dollbanger, who claimed to have no formal agreement with RealDoll, believes that the dolls from this Californian company are “the best on the market.” His workers, he maintains, “are artists.” And the products they make “are just beautiful works of art that the user can become intimate with.”

In addition, the man affirms that in the years as a regular user of these erotic mannequins, he has found that they are durable and resistant. “I am very sexually active for my age, and I have sex every night with one of the five dolls I own. They hardly ever break,” he says.

Harmony‘s first sexual partner adds that, in his opinion, the customer service offered by the sellers is efficient. For all these reasons, she considers the price of this smart doll to be affordable and in line with its quality.

Will smart dolls revolutionize our sex life?

“We are entering a synthetic sexual revolution,” Dollbanger declares. This real estate developer who loves sex dolls notes a “great development” in artificial intelligence and believes that in 50 years, robots will have fully entered our lives.

In particular, he is convinced that in countries like the US, the number of elderly people will greatly increase in the coming decades, and “there will not be enough attendees.” For this reason, “a robotic company ” could be “very beneficial” in helping older people suffer less from loneliness, he maintains.

Will smart dolls revolutionize our sex life

While waiting to find out if his predictions can come true, Brick Dollbanger assures that over the years, he has verified that, thanks to dolls, he does not miss sexual relations with women.

He is eager to add a new piece to his collection and take that leap “from fantasy to reality”. She has already ordered an official copy of Harmony and believes that you just have to be “patient” and wait for the final adjustments to receive it. Meanwhile, she continues to contribute to developing this sex robot with some new tests at her home in San Diego.