Is the HomePod Mini worth it? Opinion after spending 100 euros on it

You either love them, or you hate them. This is how we could describe the relationship of most users with smart speakers. While some see them as virtual devices in their homes or offices, others see them as an unnecessary product. I am from the first ones.

Since I was able to get a Google Home Mini at a demolition price, I was able to see the potential that these types of devices could have, and now they are something fixed both in my house and in my office. My latest acquisition has been the new Apple HomePod Mini, and after having been able to test it for a few days, the question is, is it worth paying almost 100 euros for it?

Home Pod Mini review: is it worth it?

Home Pod Mini review is it worth it

When Apple launched its first smart speaker, the so-called HomePod, the truth is that a much better reception was expected. The HomePod is an intelligent speaker with outstanding audio quality. Still, with two big buts: Siri is not the most intelligent assistant in the Spanish language, and its price is high 329 euros.

That is why Apple announced a HomePod Mini a few weeks ago filled all fans of the bitten apple with joy. Now, whether it is worth spending the 99 euros that this small device costs, there are other alternatives on the market of equal or lower price.

The first thing that catches the eye of the tiny Apple speaker is its design. Manufactured in two different colors, white and space gray, it is a minimalist product with outstanding quality. It is ideal for placing it in any corner of the house as it gives a unique and quite elegant touch.

Home Pod Mini review is it worth it 1

As for the sound, Apple tells us that thanks to its revolutionary computer audio technology, the HomePod Mini is capable of producing a whole range of nuances typical of a much larger speaker, and even if we turn the volume up to the maximum, it continues to hear our voice commands. The theory is acceptable but in practice?

The HomePod Mini surprises and for good given its size. The quality of the sound and the music is spectacular, and even if we turn up the sound, it continues to be heard very loud and clear. Apple has done a spectacular job here, and it is not customary to find such compact speakers with stunning sound quality.

To give an example is what happens with the Google Home Mini. The small Google speaker, as soon as the volume of the music is raised, is distorted. Indeed, the Google Home Mini is not designed to listen to music in high quality, but that is why we highlight the magnificent work of Apple with its speaker. Of course, we will also recognize that the HomePod Mini costs almost twice as much as the Google Home Mini.

Home Pod Mini review is it worth it 2

What if we compare it to the Amazon Echo (3rd gen)? Both products cost the same, and the Echo is somewhat larger than Apple’s speaker. Well, the HomePod Mini is up to the task, reaching the quality of the Amazon speaker and, honestly, surpassing it in some moments.

It has become clear to us that the HomePod Mini is worth listening to music. It’s small, cute, and has fantastic sound quality, but… how about a smart speaker?

Well, to say that the HomePod Mini is designed for those who have Apple products. Firstly because Siri is the personal assistant (with its virtues and numerous flaws) and secondly, because it is compatible with Apple Music, which is not the case with the Google Home Mini or the Echo, this means that if we have an account on Spotify or Amazon Music, we will not be able to use it on this speaker.

In short, is it worth it? If you are an only Apple user, you have Apple Music contracted, and you want an excellent speaker that sounds good, the 99 euros are ideally invested. If you have an Android phone, an Apple device such as an iPad or a MacBook, and you listen to music from Spotify, you have better alternatives such as the Echo from Amazon.

The HomePod Mini is not a device for everyone, but one thing is more than evident. It is worth every penny of its price and will be a super seller, especially now that the Christmas period is approaching.