Listen To Music For Free: 18 Websites And Apps That You Can Use From Your Mobile Or Browser

Listen to music for free 18 websites and apps that you can use from your mobile or browser

We bring you a list of 18 websites and applications to listen to free music, either on your computer through the browser or on your mobile or tablet. These are services that legally offer free music, so you should not worry about infringing any copyright.

In the list, we are going to find a little of everything. We are going to have free platforms, but also with others that have a limited free version but then you need to pay to access catalogs or complete options. You also have services with musicians known to everyone and others more focused on emerging artists.

And as we always say at Xataka Basics, if you think that we have left out of the list any service that you consider essential, we invite you to share it with everyone in the comments section. Thus, all readers will be able to benefit from the knowledge of our xatakeros.



We started with Audiomack, which is a free and unlimited streaming platform for sharing and discovering new songs. Being free means that it lacks great musical profiles, you may not find your favorite artists, but it is still very valid for finding emerging artists.

For the rest, within these limits, the service offers everything you can expect from a streaming platform. You have playlists, trending lists, and a powerful search engine, being able to create playlists and more. It possibly focuses a bit more on urban music than other genres, but there’s a bit of everything.

  • Links: Official website, Google Play, and App Store



Bandcamp is a bit of a different music streaming service in that it focuses on trying to be a hub for the artists who put their music on it. In this way, we can say that within the platform each artist has a page that is as if it were a main web page to which you can subscribe, and in it, you can see their releases.

Best of all, Bandcamp has a tag system on artist pages that makes it very easy to explore new music similar to what you like. It also has a genre search system. In addition, on the artist pages you can buy their albums in physical or digital format.

  • Links: Official website, Google Play, and App Store



Deezer is one of the main music streaming services you have on the market and one of those that still has a free version with ads to access its content. Like other paid streaming services with a free version, Deezer also has its views in random mode if you don’t pay.

Despite not having much precision due to its random mode, this service allows you to create even automatic playlists of specific genres. You can also get custom playlists based on your tastes, albeit with non-HD sound quality, and with some songs being just 30-second samples.

  • Links: Official website, Google Play, and App Store


This is a streaming service focused exclusively on classical music. It is a paid service, but it has a free modality with 2 million tracks that you can listen to, containing both exclusive releases and the latest releases.

This free modality also includes personal music collections, although without personalized playlists with recommendations. Of course, what you do have are proposals for moods and videos of talks with artists. All for free and with ads.

  • Links: Official website, Google Play, and App Store

Internet Archive

Internet Archive

Internet Archive cannot be missing from any list of legally free Internet content. It is a platform recognized by institutions in which all kinds of multimedia content are stored so that it is available to all Internet users free of charge.

Here you will not find artists who have their music protected by copyright, quite the contrary. You can find songs and live music that are no longer on any other platform. Of course, you can only access it through the web.

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