How To See Saved Passwords On Android

How to see saved passwords on Android

We are going to explain how to see the passwords saved on Android. In general, the person in charge of saving the passwords of the pages you access is usually the browser. However, Android also has its password manager that saves the passwords you use in mobile applications and syncs them to your Google account.

The function with which this is done is called Smart Lock for passwords, and you will have it in the settings of your mobile. You’re going to have to turn it on for it to work and save passwords on Android, but the steps to get to it are included in this guide, as you have to go there to see your passwords.

How to see the passwords of your Android

The first thing you have to do is enter the Android settings by clicking on the Settings application or the gear icon in the notification area. Once inside, go down and click on the Google option, since the password manager is part of your unique Gmail account linked to the mobile.

Once in your Google account settings, click on the option called Smart Lock for passwords that you will see almost at the bottom, among the security and location options.

This is where you need to have Smart Lock turned on for passwords if you want it to start saving passwords. You can also have Android sign you in automatically, or choose the apps whose passwords you don’t want saved. However, to see the ones you have saved, click on the Google Account link that appears in Saved Passwords.

You will enter the page where Google saves the passwords in your account. In it, you will be able to see the passwords that Android has been saving in your Google account, and you will be able to manage them at will in the same way that you can do it with those that Chrome saves.