Nioh: The Complete Edition and Sheltered are free to download on the Epic Games Store and you keep them forever


Thursdays is the day chosen by Epic Games to offer us the opportunity to increase our Epic Games Store library since, for a few days, we will be able to download for free and keep a couple of games forever. One of them will be Sheltered from the following link, while the second that has been chosen is Nioh: The Complete Edition, which can be yours by clicking here.

You will have time to redeem them until next September 16. From that day on, Speed ​​Brawl and Tharsis will be the video games that will follow the same example and be available for free.

Nioh: The Complete Edition

Those of you who are prepared to suffer a great deal can get hold of the work of Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo with this special edition that includes all their expansions so that the challenges increase even more against powerful enemies and final bosses that we will defeat based on patience and look for their weak points to take advantage of the best moment to give them a good cut.


The premise of this title places us at a time when a global apocalypse has occurred, causing humanity to meet in an underground shelter. This will lead us to gather enough resources to take care of our family and survive by all possible means to make the area safe, habitable, and free from any danger.