Follow These Tips To Solve Error in Warframe updating DirectX components


Error in Warframe updating DirectX components

Do you love playing PC games? Then, you must have heard about Warframe. It is basically an online multiplayer game. There are various problems that occur for the Warframe updating DirectX components. There are several reasons that cause this error to happen. Some crucial factors are broken installation of Directx fault in redistributable installation. Furthermore, the game launcher gets automatically blocked by the operating system.

So, do you want to fix the battlefield 4 install DirectX error? Then, you are at the right place. In this article, you will know how to solve the error in the Warframe updating DirectX components. Please read below to know more about it.

Repair Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

Firstly, it is best to solve the easy process before proceeding towards the complicated ones. This step will help you resolve significant problems for the Warframe updating DirectX components. Follow the below steps.

Step 1

For this, you need to navigate to the Start Button and click on it. After that, you have to open the Settings. Under the Settings, find the Apps options. Hence, here you will see the list of installed programmes.

Step 2

Subsequently, find the option of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. Then, click on the option of “Modify.”

Furthermore, you have to note the utilities. You have to repeat this step for each Utility. Thus, if any message appears, you have to click on the option of Yes. After that, you have to follow instructions accordingly.

Step 3

You have to make sure that you select the “Repair” option for every version of Utility. Then, you have to wait until the procedure completes. After finishing, you have to repeat the above steps again for every C++ package.

Lastly, reboot the device. If the issue still remains, you again need to reinstall the C++ package.

Step 4

However, if you still can’t solve the error of the Warframe updating DirectX components, click on Settings. Go to the Apps to know the list of installed apps and programs. Then, scroll down to the option of Redistribution package of Microsoft Visual C++.

Hence, the next step is to click on Uninstall and repeat the other steps. After installing, download and then install the latest version. Finally, restart the device and start the battlefield 4 install DirectX error.

Fix the Problem in Your Network

Additionally, fixing the problem in your Network can help if still, Warframe update failed. To solve that, these are the following steps.

Step 1

Firstly, type “command prompt,” at the search option and press Enter. Subsequently, a list will appear, and you need to click on the first option. Now, finally select the option called “Run as Administrator.”

Furthermore, type “cmd’ on the search bar and press Control+ Shift+ Enter Keys. This step will open the command prompt.

Finally, right-click on the option of Command Prompt. Then select the option of “Run as Administrator.”

Step 2

Apparently, the next step is to enter these commands in the field. Remember to Press Enter after writing every command.

  1. Ipconfig/flushdns
  2. After that, write- ipconfig/release
  3. Thirdly, ipconfig/release6
  4. Then, you need to type ipconfig/renew

Hence, now you need to wait for some time for the commands to run. After finishing, reboot your system and start Warframe. Check if the problem of Warframe updating DirectX components is fixed or not.

Rename the Cache of the Game

Moreover, sometimes problems in the cache of the game can cause problems. Hence, you need to fix the Warframe updating DirectX components error. You can follow the below steps to solve this error easily.

Rename the Cache of the Game

Step 1

First of all, open the game and click on the option of Steam. Then, witch to the Library section at the right corner. Find the Warframe option from the list. Then, go to “Entry” and right-click and select the Properties. Then, open the tab of Local Files and tap upon the option of browsing local files.

Step 2

Moreover, if you are using the stand version of Warframe, then you have to find the installation folder. You can also do right-click on the shortcut of the game. Then, click to open the file location.

Step 3

Apparently, you have to search for the folder of Cache Windows. Then, press right click and select the option called “rename.”Hence, change the name to Windows Cache or anything. Simultaneously, click on Next.

Finally, restart the system, and you will no longer find the Warframe updating DirectX components error.

Run Your Launcher as an Administrator

However, various users have observed that running the launcher as the administrator removes battlefield 4 install DirectX errors. So, you can try this solution too. Hence, you have to double click on the option of Steam to open it.

Next, go to Library and click on the Library Tab. Then, you will see all the games appear in the list. From there, find Warframe. Furthermore, click on the option of Entry and then select Properties. Then, go to the local files and select the option of browsing local files.

Thus, open the folder called “Tools.” Here, you will find a file called Launcher. So, right-click on it and then click on the Properties. Lastly, navigate the tab called “Compatibility” and then select the option of “Run the program as administrator.”

Run Your Launcher as an Administrator

Finally, click “OK” to apply changes and restart your system to remove the battlefield 4 install DirectX error.

Reinstallation of DirectX

Are you still facing the problem of the Warframe update failed? So, if any other solutions are not working, you can try reinstalling the Directx. Thus, follow the below steps to know how to do it.

Firstly, you need to visit to the website of Microsoft. Then, you have to download Web Installer on your computer. Then, you need to open the exe. File to begin the installation process of DirectX.

However, make sure to read the conditions and terms and click on Next. Then, follow the instructions as said to complete the process.

Thus, now, you need to exit and again restart the system. Moreover, if the problem remains, you can find other solutions to fix Warframe updating DirectX components.

Changing the Launcher Settings

Disabling some settings is helpful in completing the update. So, open the Warframe launcher. If you have already installed the game, then open it. Then, go to the Library Tab and double click on the Warframe.

Secondly, open the settings option of Launcher. Also, a new window will appear or open it on your own. And scroll down than to turn off the option of “Bulk Download.” Therefore, update the Warfare game.

Some users also suggest that disabling the DirectX11 0 and DirectX10 will fix the error of Warframe update failure. Thus, you can try disabling them before playing. 

Quick Reset of LAN

Apparently, if you make some changes in the LAN Settings, then it can create problems for playing the game. Therefore, you can try this option to fix the battlefield 4 install DirectX error.

Step 1

Press the Windows+R keys to launch Run. Then, you have to type “control.exc.”Then, press right click. After the control panel opens, go to the corner at the top right. Please choose the option to view it as a category. Subsequently, click on options of Network and then the Internet.

Step 2

Hence, the next step is to click on the Internet and go to “Connection.” Then, go to the LAN settings and tick on the box to detect settings automatically.

Don’t forget to check that the Proxy servers remain black before using. Then save the changes and restart the computer. Finally, check properly if any error is present.

Change the Language of the Launcher of Warfare Game

Furthermore, you can also try this option to fix the problem of Warframe update failed. So, you can follow the below steps for that.

Step 1

Firstly, find the Game Launcher of Warfare and double-click on it. Or you can also use Steam Client to open the application of Warframe game.

Step 2

After the page of the game launcher opens, go to the language option on the right corner. Then, you can change the language. Hence, you have to wait until the launcher reloads.

Step 3

Finally, repeat this step again and again until you fix the problem.

Run Scan to Detect Any Virus or Malware

Furthermore, a virus or malware attack is one of the common reasons for Warframe update failed error. To solve this, you can run the system scan on your computer. You can also use Tool for PC repair to detect and remove the malware. Hence, this will help in fixing the issues regarding to the game.


Henceforth, now you understand that you can easily fix Warframe update failed error. The above steps will clear all your doubts and solve all the errors. Therefore, follow the above solutions to solve all problems for the Warfare game. So, now you know, you can play and enjoy your game as you like without any interruptions.