Online Board Games: 23 Pages And Applications To Play Alone Or With Someone

Online board games 23 pages and applications to play alone or with someone

We bring you a compilation with 23 pages and applications with online board games so that you can play both from your computer and on mobile devices. Although we could say that we bring many more than 23 games since some of the pages we bring are also portals where you can play various games online.

Everything is organized by the alphabetical order of the game or the page, and the only selection criterion has been that they are board games. These range from the most classic ones like GO or chess to modern board games like Carcassonne or Catan. We have tried to provide variety so that everyone can find something to play.

As we always say in these types of Xataka Basics articles, if you think there is a game or portal that should be on the list, we invite you to share it with all of us in the comments section. Thus, the rest of the people who come looking for online games will also be able to benefit from the tastes of our xatakeros. And if you are left wanting more, we have another list with free browser games .

Board Game Arena

Board Game Arena

And we start not with a board game itself, but with one of the aforementioned websites that are platforms on which to play various board games online against other players who have also registered. Board Game Arena has a collection of 268 games in total, with which you can measure yourself against its community of more than 4 and a half million users.

It is a completely free platform, you just need to register to start playing. It is translated into Spanish, gives you the possibility to play or watch other people’s games, and has games like Carcassonne, 7 Wonders, Kingdomino, or Alhambra.

  • Link: Board Game Arena


The mythical Carcassonne is a turn-based strategy board game, in which you have a series of pieces with special areas with which to compose the map of the board. Your mission will be to get more points than others by composing your kingdom and using intelligence.

The digital version allows you to play online, although you can also play alone or with others in its local multiplayer. It has versions for practically all platforms, from mobile phones to various PC game stores. The game is paid for, but it doesn’t cost much and will delight game lovers with all its animations and effects.

  • Link: Carcassonne

Catan Universe

If you want to play Catan, the official Catan Universe platform offers you several free alternatives to play it wherever you want. On the one hand, you can access the web version from its portal, and on the other hand, you also have links to play it on your mobile or tablet, and your computer by downloading it through Steam.

And all, remember that it is the official digital version. This offers a good number of additions so that you don’t miss your competitors in person so much, with avatars, sounds, and a remarkable setting. You can play with your account or without registering, and it has single-player or multiplayer modes depending on whether you want to take on other online competitors.

  • Link: Catan Universe


This is another great classic among board games, an investigative one very much in the style of Agatha Christie’s novels in which you have to solve a crime. There is an official multiplatform version, which costs between 2 and 3 euros in its mobile versions and a little more than 10 in its PC versions on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

With these titles, you will be able to discover who committed the murder, where they did it, and with what weapon. You have different game modes, from single-player against the machine to local and online multiplayer. The game has 10 themes to set the adventure and features like a hint system for when you get stuck.

  • Link: Cluedo



Turn to another platform for several games. But a very special one, because it is focused on educational board games for the whole family. Come on, those that you will also be able to play with the little ones in the house, simply and without the need for complicated decisions or strategies.

The games are ordered by age so you know the most suitable ones for each child. You also have several genres available to access, which mix entertainment and educational genres such as mathematics, English, science, or practicing writing with the keyboard.

  • Link: Cookies

Happy Meeple

Happy Meeple

One more gaming platform. In this case, it is a very curious one that tries a gamification system to try to keep you playing. For example, to unlock the possibility of playing with other real people online you will first have to do several training games to level up.

Its other great peculiarity is that it focuses on games for two players, leaving aside other types of broader multiplayer. It doesn’t have a very large catalog or many users, but it can help you if you are looking for something a little different.

  • Link: Happy Meeple

Magic the Gathering Online

Magic the Gathering Online

One of the most influential games in history, and the one that started this subgenre of building decks of cards with which to face rivals. Ok, it’s not strictly a board game, at least not the traditional board game, but it is a game that is usually played on tables (or other surfaces) that has its digital version online 😉

Here, the base game is a free trial. But of course, if you want your deck to grow until you can be moderately competitive, then you will have to start investing money in cards. You can download its version on your PC to play comfortably, but on its website, you also have a card guide.

  • Link: Magic the Gathering Online


Monopoly also has an official version for mobile devices, although it is paid and costs between 4 and 5 euros. In exchange for this money, you can play with its original board on both mobile phones and tablets, and you can do it alone or play online or offline with its Internet or local multiplayer mode.

You also have different game modes, from a quick one to being able to customize the rules to your liking. And being a paid game, one of its advantages is that you will not have to deal with any type of advertising.

  • Link: Monopoly

Online Go

Online Go

Go is one of the most popular board games in the world, especially in Asian countries. Some say that it is impossible to master it completely and that it is so complex and full of strategies and emotions that Google chose it to make its progress with artificial intelligence. A story, by the way, that you can see in the Netflix documentary ‘AlphaGo’.

If you like this game or have always wanted to start learning how to play, one of the free reference websites you should go to is Online Go . and of course browse forums, tutorials, and multiple ways to improve your game. The website allows you to see the games of others or register to be the one who plays with others. It also has several resources, including a chat or forums with which you can communicate with other users.

  • Link: Online Go


Nothing better than laughing at what has made us miserable in 2020 by playing a board game like Pandemic. This is a strategy game in which you have to combat a rampant global contagion. Its digital version is completely multiplatform, and you can find it on mobile phones as well as on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

This adaptation is very faithful to the rules of its tabletop version. It is paid and offers **five levels of difficulty and the possibility of playing alone or against other players in its local multiplayer. Between 2 and 5 people can play, and in addition to purchasing its base version, you can also purchase several DLCs.

  • Link: Pandemic

Parchis STAR

Parcheesi is one of the most popular games in Spain, and you have hundreds of games and variants at your disposal, so it is quite difficult to choose one. Especially since most of them are very poorly maintained games. We are going to opt for Parchis STAR, an adaptation for smartphones available on Android and iOS.

It is a free game that stands out for its online multiplayer mode, in which you can face other people in real-time in their games for 2 or 4 players. It also has a chat system to liven up the games, in which you can even send emojis.

  • Link: Parchis STAR


If you like eternal chess and want to feel like Beth Harmon in ‘Queen’s Gambit’, this page is your best option when playing online or from your PC using its Windows client. Not only that, but you will also have the opportunity to watch online the games and tournaments that other people are playing.

This portal offers you several types of games, from fast ones of just one minute to more calm ones of 15 minutes. In all of them, there are world rankings, and you also have tournaments, specific games for beginners, and other materials such as videos in which you can learn the game or improve your skill.

  • Link: PlayChess


One of the great board strategy classics is Risk, in which you must face the rest of the players in an attempt to dominate the world. There is little. The game has been adapted by SMG Studio and has both mobile and tablet versions as well as one adapted for PC on Steam. For its part, it even has a Discord server to chat with other players.

In any case, it is a free game with multiple modes available, from online games to single-player games against AIs with 5 levels of difficulty. It is for up to 6 players, can send challenges, it has several maps preserving the official rules of the original game. All this with animated avatars and actions such as requesting alliances and coordinated attacks.

  • Link: SMG Studio



This is not exactly an online board game in the same sense as the rest of the ones on the list. Instead, it is an online tool for remote role-playing games that are usually played in person, and it allows you to manage classic games like ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ or ‘The Call of Cthulhu’.

The tool allows you to register for free, invite other people to your games, create them from scratch, or access other games already created online. It is customizable, facilitates video conferences with other players, has multiple tools at the game director’s disposal, and has a good collection of licenses to play well-known role-playing games. It is not free, but it is ideal for role-playing lovers who want to play online with each other.

  • Link: Roll2


The legendary Scrabble is the game of creating words with your tiles and earning points with them, and it has been copied by other popular games aimed at mobile phones such as Apalabrados. But if you want to play online on your smartphone, you will also have the alternative of doing so with the official version of the game.

In this case, the game does not have an official web version, and you will have to settle for being able to play on both Android and iOS, which is no small feat either. The game is the same as always, composing words on an official board where there are boxes that give extra points for using them.

  • Link: Scrabble

Sea Battle 2

The classic Sink the Fleet is adapted for mobile phones and tablets with versions for Android and iOS. It stands out for a very interesting graphical bet, and that is to discard realism to show you graphics that seem to be drawn with a pen on paper. Although despite that, there is no shortage of animations to give them color and movement.

In addition to being able to play online with people from all over the world in real-time in what is becoming the classic Sink the Fleet, it also implements city-building mechanics. With the points you earn, you can build your port city as if it were SIM City, and with it, you can get prizes. With victories, you can unlock new buildings.

  • Link: Android and iOS


If online games are your thing, this is possibly one of the best and most popular portals for various digital board games that you can find. It has a catalog of more than 1,500 games of all genres and for 2 or more players, organized by criteria such as game time or skill level.

It has an account system that allows you to have one free, one for five euros per month and another for 10 euros per month. The limits of the free game are that you can only play two games at a time and only the games that are not premium, and from there, you gain better possibilities depending on what level of paying user you are.

  • Link: Tabletopia


The classic fantasy board game Talisman has also been adapted into a digital version, allowing you to explore its colorful world of creatures and artifacts on various types of platforms. It is paid and with versions for smartphones, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

As for its features, you have an online or local multiplayer mode for up to 6 players, although you can also play alone against opponents managed by an AI. You have a total of 17 characters at your disposal, a good collection of weapons and spells to collect, and a tutorial started for first-timers to take their first steps.

  • Link: Talisman

Terra Mystica

This is a fantastic board game, in which you have to choose one of its 14 available races and fight against the rest to dominate the board and your territory. It is an award that already cries out for a digital adaptation, and what they have done is completely faithful to the mechanics of the original game so that the experience is the same.

This digital version is paid, like most of those that appear on this list. You have adaptations for smartphones and for PCs, where it is for sale on both Steam and the Windows Store. You can play alone against the AI ​​with three levels of difficulty, or against other people online or locally with its two multiplayers.

  • Link: Terra Mystica

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a very popular board game, in which you and the rest of the players have to travel by train around the world, and you must build routes and open new paths. In Spain, it is physically marketed as Aventureros al tren, and it is one of those games with simple mechanics, which is easy to start but difficult to master because of how complex it can end up being.

On its official web portal, you will find that you can play this game anywhere, with a web version in addition to its versions for mobile phones and tablets, and one for PC with Steam. Of course, the mobile versions cost about 3 euros, and the Steam version is about 10 right now. But it is an alternative to playing alone or with other people online wherever you prefer.

  • Link: Ticket to Ride

Online Trivia

Already at the beginning of cybernetic times, at the time of IRC, trivia was a fashionable game to play online with other people. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has been adapted in many ways. One of the best is the website, where you always have several rooms and games in Spanish to play online. It has an outdated look, but that means you can play it on any PC, no matter how old it is.

It is an extremely simple website to use. You enter and see the rooms that have already been created, being able to enter to play immediately and without registering. You can also create your rooms, and a link will be generated that you can share so that other people can join too.

  • Link: Online Trivial


Mattel itself has developed a version adapted for mobile phones and tablets of its classic cardboard game. One of the most frenetic and fun that you can face, and that has the incentive of being completely free and being on both major operating systems.

This is a classic game with official rules, and it allows you to play online with anyone in the world at any time. It also has a 2v2 mode so you can compete in pairs, and it has a list of tournaments and rewards within the game.

  • Link: ONE



And we end as we began, with an interesting repository where you can register to play a collection of board games online. It has many users and a great selection of titles, although with a slightly old interface. In each game, you can click to go to its file and see its rules, and if you want to create an online game invite others or join other people’s games.

We have already mentioned the drawback of its outdated design, but in favor of the platform, it is completely free and without ads. It also allows you to play multiple games at once, and each of them can have games that last for days. When you register, you start with a basic level that you will increase as you play, and this way you can know the level of other people you are facing.

  • Link: Yucata

Frequently asked questions about online board games

1. What are the most popular online board games?

The most popular board games are Parcheesi, Go, and chess.

2. Online board games to play with friends

There are many online board games to play with friends, such as Carcassone, Catan, Cluedo, Magic the Gathering Online, Monopoly even Uno!

3. What are the most classic online board games?

Among the most classic online board games are chess, Parcheesi, Go, sink the Fleet, Scrabble, Risk, and Monopoly.