Sony 32 inch Smart TV 1080p- Is it Worth or Overpriced?


Sony is a well known brand when it comes to smart TVs. Sony has produced some excellent quality smart TVs in the past. Most of the top end Sony Smart TVs are known for their excellent sharp display with thin profile and quality sound. Going with the trend of sony’s past the Sony 32 inch smart TV 1080p has a good sharp display even considering the 720p resolution of the panel. It is also a 240Hz panel which drastically reduces motion blur and provide a smooth viewing experience even for fast action scenes.

Sony takes special care in their design and built department which is evident even in the basic range of smart TVs. They look sleek and elegant bearing the Sony’s design trends. The thin bezles with sharp high refresh rate panel makes it ideal for enjoying every type of content. You can also pair it with your gmaing consoles to enjoy smooth gameplays on the vibrant display.

The new X-Reality Pro is an advanced technology from Sony that reduce the noise in videos and makes it sharp for more details in the picture. It enhances the details in a scene and make it pop-out even while the panel is 720p. The new advanced technology improves clarity, sharpeness and picture quality for a better viewing experience.

It has wireless connectivity built-in to allow your TV to connect to network wirelessly and enjoy online content directly on your television. You get a ton of apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and other apps on the smart TV interface directly. It also allows you to add more apps that you can enjoy on the smart TV.

This smart TV from sony is built to provide a lot of content streaming opportunities for everyone to have something to enjoy online. You can get your favorite movie or TV Shows streamed directly on the smart TV wirelessly. It has the option to add more apps for your other streaming services. You can even share your photos from your smartphone of tablet directly on the bigger screen with Photo sharing plus.

With the sleek modern design and thin body this TV will surely turn some heads for its looks. It looks like an expensive TV with great built quality. The display on this smart TV is excellent with high refresh rates and great color reproduction and contrast levels. The picture on this smart TV looks sharp, bright with great details and contrast. Motionflow technology makes the motions looks smooth and reduces the motion blur that might impact your viewing experience.

The W600D series from sony has been target towards the entry level smart TV market with most basic features included with the TV. However, the downside is the close to $300 price tag. There are other alternatives which come with a Full HD resoltuion display at 1080p compared to the HD display at 720p on this particular model from sony. You can argue that the brand value and Sony’s past reputation as a top tier brand in the consumer electronics market makes it a worth choice.

Features of this Sony 32 inch Smart TV 1080p

  • A 32 inch display with X Reality Pro to enhance the picture quality from any video source
  • Motionflow technology makes fast motions look smooth and reduce the motion blur
  • Wireless connectivity built-in for easy connection to any network with ease
  • In-built support for smart TV apps like YouTube, Netflix, etc with option to add more
  • Stream contents directly from DLNA compactible PC
  • Thin bezles for better viewing experience
  • Screen mirroring
  • Direct photo sharing
  • Built-in downward firing speakers
  • App support to control your TV as a remote using apps on iOS or Android smartphone
  • 2 HDMI, Component, RF Input, Ethernet port, 2 USB Ports and Optical Digital Audio output
  • Cable management built-in to table stand

Build Quality

sony 32 inch smart tv 1080p Build Quality

It is one of the strong points of Sony who are known to make great looking slim TVs across their lienup. This being a basic entry-level smart TV does not get away from the Sony’s design trends. It is sleek, slim and looks very classly with thin bezels around the display and glossy finish around the body. It is probably one of the slimmest TVs out there in this small compact segment.

Sony has taken extra care to maintain the asthetics of the smart TV with cable routing and organizing through the rear stand legs. It will help you keep you TV setup clutter free from wires. Alognside the wireless connectivity built-in, it also has a ton of other physical connectivity options like Ethernet, HDMI, USB, Audio, Antenna and other necessary connection options. This will allow you to connect your devices like Home theatre, Gaming console and others directly to the TV without worrying for adapters.

Overall the build quality seems top notch specially considering the basic smart TV segment of the market. It is light weight with ultra slim profile and modern touch inluding the table stand provided inside the box. Sony claims the display to be a near edge-to-edge dispaly which provide an immersive experience for the viewers.


The display is one of the most important part of any television. Sony being one of the brands who give a lot of thought into one has made a dispaly that is not only looks good but has advanced technologies to provide a better viewing experience. The disaply panel may not the highest resolution but backing it with Sony’s advanced display technologies it makes for a treat to enjoy.

Sony’s advanced display technology like the X-Reality Pro is designed to make the best use of the panel and tweak the picture to present a better viewing experience. The X-Reality Pro technology provide clearer and more detailed picture compared to other 720p panels. You will instantly notice the difference between this 720p panel and other same resolution panels.

The Sony 32 inch smart Tv also comes with Motionflow technology that simulates a 240Hz refresh rate display. A high refresh rate means better clarity even in fast paced motion scenes from movies or sports. It also makes it great for gaming with your console having the higher refresh rate that provide smoother graphics and scenes.

The advanced technologie from Sony makes this display one of the best we have come across in the 720p resolution segment. It very well compliments the lower resolution and does not let it feel anyway less sharp or dull. X-Reality reduces noise in the picture and makes the scene look sharper. The color and depth are very well balanced with good level of contrast, providing a great viewing experience even having a low resolution.

Built-in WiFi

sony 32 inch smart tv 1080p Builtin WiFi

The Sony 32 inch smart TV KDL-32W600D comes with built-in WiFi for you to connect your TV wirelessly to your home network for enjoying online contents direclty on the TV. It has native selection of apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and others, with the option to download apps when needed. This option makes it easier for people to have the freedom to get the apps they use and stream contents directly on the smart TV without the need of wires.

Just get your TV out of the box and connect it to your home network to enjoy tons of contents directly on the TV without the need of wires of other streaming devices. It open a lot of opportunituies for viewers to enjoy content from their favorite services directly on their smart TV and have the option to add more apps if and when required.

You can also use the wireless photo sharing option available in the menu to get your photos from your smartphone directly on the big screen. It makes it easier to look at your photos with your family and friends without looking for wires to connect your smartphone to your TV. You can also mirror your smartphone screen to your TV just like you would do on a chromecast. The best part is that you will not need any other device and can directly cast your screen seamlessly on the TV.

Final Thoughts on the Sony 32 inch Smart TV

The Sony 32 inch smart TV model: KDL- 32W600D is a technically advanced product from Sony. It comes with one of the best looking 720p dispaly with picture enhancement technologies like the X-Reality Pro and Motionflow to provide the viewers with great picture quality. The advanced technologies from Sony coupled with its video processing advancements, provide a smart TV experience that is very appealing and the pictures look great.

The low resolution display does not come as a barrier with the advanced Sony video processing that compliments the low resolution with simulated high refresh rate. The sony television comes with motionflow that makes the motions look smooth and clear. It enhances the clarity even while having fast paced action scenes. It reduces the motion blur we get from most low refresh rate Televisions. Such is not the case with this smart TV as although it has native 60Hz refresh rate, the simulated 240Hz makes it look clear and smoother.

sony 32 inch smart tv 1080p Final

It also has wireless connectivity that allows you to connect to any network without any wires to stream online contents. You can access to apps like YouTube, Netflix and other smart TV apps that allows you to stream online contents directly on your smart Tv wirelessly. You can even download other apps that provide more contents like Movies, TV Shows and other apps. The UI is easy tio navigate to find your favorite content you want to watch. The remote provided also has dedicated quick access buttons. A basic smart TV with option to extend its fucntionality.

The design along with the great display makes it a great smart TV with tons of content streaming opportunity to satisfy most people’s taste and liking. Coming from Sony it comes with advanced picture enhancement technologies to make the picture look sharp with decent contrast and great colors. The picture output is great on this low resolution panel without compromising with the video quality. The higher refresh rate allows for smooth video output and clarity in scenes with picture enhancement technologies.

The price tag many seem steep, but when considering the specs and picture quality it might seem justified coming from Sony. Sony is known for its great display quality and present a great viewing experience with excellent colors and good contrast levels. You can find some Full HD display TVs in this price point. However, the lower resoltuion display can rival many Full HD panels with the better video processing technologies make it look stunning.

If you do not mind the bit higher price tag, the Sony 32 inch Smart TV Model: KDL- 32W600D seems worth thanks to the excellent picture quality and sleek design. Apart from the basic smart TV functions it looks like a quality offering from one of the top TV brands. You won’t go wrong if you choose this smart TV, but we suggest you to look for deals to make it a great steal.