Pastylink: What it is for and is it still reliable


How the Pastylink service works to download videos from the Internet: what are the alternatives without resorting to installed programs locally.

One of the most effective web applications for downloading videos from the most famous online streaming platforms is undoubtedly Pastylink, accessible by typing the term in the Google search box and choosing the first proposed result.

Pastylink does nothing but analyzes the web pages’ content in search of the multimedia files published there. Where possible, by accessing the “behind the scenes” of each platform’s multimedia players, Pastylink allows users to choose the quality of the video stream and the preferred format.

Pastylink allows you to download videos safely from multiple platforms. However, before using it, it is always good to make sure you are using the latest version of your favorite browser.

The operation is very simple: after identifying the page that contains the video you want to download, just select what is displayed in the browser address bar at the top and press the key combination Ctrl + C.

Pressing CTRL + V in Pastylink’s search box will paste the URL of the page containing the video.

The analysis of the URL provided by the user will take a few seconds. Pastylink will show a green link (hidden among advertising banners) ” Click to continue “.

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By selecting this link, the web application will provide one or more addresses to save the local device’s video of interest.

There are dozens of applications and browser extensions that help users download videos posted on web pages. For our part, however, we do not recommend its use because it is software that “changes skin” too often and that frequently install unwanted components on the system or that slow down web browsing.

When Pastylink does not work much better to proceed independently: the Chrome or Edge Developer Tools often help trace the URL of the video embedded in the pages, facilitating direct download.

However, some streaming platforms do not provide the browser with the direct link of the video content but transmit the data stream using a series of packets in. TS format. In the article Download videos from the Internet: how to do it, we have described a procedure that allows you to download videos in total autonomy, without relying on third-party software (except for utilities and programs such as wget and VLC ).

Is all this legal ? In point of law, is it allowed for a normal user to download videos from streaming platforms and save them on their PC?

The answer, in this case, is not just one. It all depends on the conditions of use published by the streaming platform manager: sometimes, in fact, the local download of the contents is expressly prohibited.

In any case, the user will not have any right to republish or share the locally downloaded content with third parties.

We have dealt with the subject by indicating in what circumstances the videos can be downloaded and what kind of offense can occur if a user violates the conditions of use set by the manager.