Pokémon Evolutions, a new anime mini series dedicated to the eight generations of the saga, will be released next week

In addition to the main Pokémon series starring Ash Ketchum, other miniseries in the franchise have been distributed in recent years and have been very well received. For this reason, after the success of Pokémon Generations and Pokémon Wings of Twilight, The Pokémon Company has announced that it has another miniseries called Pokémon Evolutions.

Exactly it will have a total of eight chapters that can be seen on the Internet, and each of them will be dedicated to one of the eight generations of the saga. In the first preview that has come to light, we can look at a few scenes that show us what we can expect from these episodes.

So we can see the combat against Eternatus from Pokémon Sword and Shield, the misdeeds that Team Flare commits in Pokémon X and Y, or other sequences of some critical moments Pokémon Sun and Moon so that we can get an idea of ​​what we will meet. All this with a more adult animated touch than what the main anime series has accustomed us to.

Pokémon Evolutions will be released on September 9. The rest will arrive later from September to December and will be distributed as follows:

  • September 23: “The Eclipse” – Alola Region
  • October 7: “The Visionary” – Kalos Region
  • October 21: “The Plan” – Unova Region
  • December 2: “The Rival” – Sinnoh Region
  • December 9: “The Wish” – Hoenn Region
  • December 16: “The Show” – Johto Region
  • December 23: “The Discovery” – Kanto Region