Halo’s live-action series will premiere in early 2022 on the Paramount + platform.

Halos live action series will premiere in early 2022 on the Paramount platform.

So far, the details that have been released about the Halo live-action series have been relatively scarce. Its production started a couple of years ago, but finally, thanks to Deadline, we already know when its premiere is scheduled to take place: during the first quarter of 2022.

In addition, there has been another significant change related to the place where it will be broadcast. It was previously scheduled to be on the television channel Showtime. Still, it will finally do so on Paramount +, a new video streaming ViacomCBS platform that will officially open its doors from March 4. As if there weren’t enough subscription platforms already.

Beyond all this, the production team and cast of actors will continue to be the same as we already knew. Therefore, the director will be Otto Bathurst, and one of the most recognized names that will be part of the executive producers is Steven Spielberg. As for the actors, Pablo Schreiber ( American Gods ) will play the Master Chief, while Jen Taylor will return to be Cortana, as in video games, and Natascha McElhone ( The Truman Show ) will play Dr. Catherine Halsey.

For the rest, the series will be made up of 10 episodes, and as of today, already between 55% and 60% has been shot of it, although the pandemic caused by the coronavirus paralyzed its production last March. The plot will occur in the 26th century when humanity is being threatened by an alien race known as the Covenant, with stories that will deepen its characters with action, adventure, and a rich vision of the future.