The animated series Arcane, based on the universe of League of Legends, sets its premiere date for November with a brutal trailer

This weekend has been extraordinary for all League of Legends fans because Riot Games has published a new trailer for Arcane, the animated series it is preparing based on the universe of its popular MOBA and about which we already know when it will be released. It will officially premiere on Netflix.

It will be divided into precisely three runs of three episodes each. The first we can see from November 7, at 03:00 in the morning in Spain to be exact. The next one will arrive on November 13, and the last one will be available from November 20.

Arcane will be in charge of delving into the delicate balance between the prosperous city of Piltover and the impoverished district of Zaun. Throughout the different chapters, we will see several characters that will be very familiar to all players, among which will be Vi and Jinx, the leading sister couple, along with Viktor, Jayce, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, and other new faces.

The series has been created with the primary purpose of being independent of the games so that anyone can be encouraged to see it with a spectacular animation. Of course, Riot Games has wanted to emphasize that certain characters will differ from the originals when being adapted to the television series format. It has even been confirmed the actors and dubbing actresses that will participate:

  • Caitlyn – Neri Hualde
  • Jayce – Michel Tejerina
  • Jinx – Isatxa Mengíbar
  • Mel – Yolanda Mateos
  • Silco – Iván Muelas
  • Vander – Juan Arroyo
  • Vi – Adelaida López
  • Viktor – Rafael Romero

The only voices remaining are Jinx and Vi, which is partly a shame for the others, but it is also appreciated that the protagonists retain theirs. In just over a month, we will check Arcane’s result to hope that it will be as good as its trailers paint so that Riot Games is encouraged to produce more series or even movies.