Telegram Bots, The Best You Can Use and How To Find New Bots

  • Bots, one of Telegram’s best features, can add multiple and innovative features to your chats.

Telegram is one of our preferred messaging platforms thanks to features like bots, which add a world of additional tools to the service. Despite their usefulness, bots are one of Telegram’s functions that is not very well known, so we will recommend the best bots that you can use in your conversations now.

Before talking about the most prominent bots, first of all, we are going to know how exactly they work and what types of bots there are since they are not all the same. In addition, we will also see in this guide how you can find new bots on Telegram.

Telegram bots the best you can use and how to find new botsWhat are and how are Telegram bots used?

Bots are automated robots that you can add to a Telegram conversation to fulfill the function they were created. Each bot has a different purpose: to make calculations, report the weather forecast, set reminders, play games, determine the price of Amazon products, or even find new bots.

There are hundreds of bots available on Telegram, each with a different objective. In addition to their function, bots also differ in their operation, as they can be inline or independent.

First of all, Telegram inline bots are those that you don’t have to add to the conversation to use them. You have to mention them in the chat and ask them what you need to fulfill their task. You will receive the result of your request privately, and you decide if you want to send it for the other participants to see or not.

What are and how are Telegram bots usedSecond, Telegram bots can be independent and require to be started to access their functions. You have the option of using them independently in a private conversation with them or adding them to a group chat so that all members of the group can use them.

Whether inline or independent, to talk to a Telegram bot, you must enter the @ with its name (for example, @sticker) followed by your query. In addition, you always have the option to remove the bot that you have added to the conversation by entering the chat settings, clicking on the bot, and clicking on “Remove from group.”

The best Telegram bots you can use in 2021

There are Telegram bots for all tastes, but not all of them work optimally. After testing them one by one, these are the 27 best from Telegram that you can use. We explain what each of them is for and how to use them.

  • Yandex Translate
  • Andy English Bot
  • Alert Bot
  • Trivia Bot
  • Sticker
  • Vine
  • My Tracking Bot
  • Now Trending Bot
  • Twitter Media Downloader
  • Text-to-speech bot
  • PDF Bot
  • Game
  • IMDb
  • Wikipedia Search
  • My Series
  • Voices
  • FancyChars
  • Map Bot
  • Lyric
  • Podcast Bot
  • TodoTask
  • BotFather
  • Fake Mail Bot
  • Pic
  • like box
  • Watch Bot
  • Feed Reader Bot

Yandex Translate


One of the best Telegram bots is Yandex Translate, which translates all the messages you send in chat. You can configure between your native language and the language you want to translate to. Once the bot knows this information, you will only have to send a text to see how the bot responds with the translation in just seconds. Without a doubt, one of the most useful bots you can use.

Yandex TranslateAndy English Bot


Learning and practicing English is easier with Andy English Bot, a bot with which you can converse in English, do grammar exercises and even play games to improve your knowledge. Start the conversation with Andy and talk to him for a few minutes so your English doesn’t get “rusty.”

Andy English BotAlert Bot


If memory is not your thing, enlist the help of Alert Bot to remind you of the tasks you have to do. Its use is very simple: you have to enter “/ alert,” tell it the time in which it should send you the reminder, write the text of the alert and send the message. When this has been configured, the bot will confirm it and give you its identification number.

Alert BotTrivia Bot


Put your general knowledge to the test with TriviaBot; the mythical Trivia game turned bot for Telegram. Start the conversation so that the bot begins to send you a question whose correct answer you will have to choose between four different options (ABCD). Once answered, Trivia Bot will tell you if you were correct and will continue to ask you more questions. You can add it to groups to play with friends.

Trivia BotSticker


This inline bot for Telegram offers you the stickers related to the emoticon you are looking for. In any conversation, enter @sticker followed by the emoji, and the bot will automatically suggest the best stickers that match your search, also animated stickers.

Sticker 1Vine


This is an inline bot that allows you to find YouTube videos without leaving Telegram easily. As you already know, you do not need to start or add this bot to a group; you can use it in any conversation. Write @vid and write the name of the YouTube video or channel you want to search for. By clicking on one of the results, you will share it directly in the chat. In the blink of an eye, the bot will have done its job and will have suggested YouTube videos according to your search.

VineMy Tracking Bot


Ideal for those who place many orders online, as it is used to keep track of the different orders from multiple delivery companies from the same platform, Telegram. You can add the tracking number of the order so that the bot will notify you of each new item in its status, in addition to giving it an alias to know what each package is.

My Tracking BotNow Trending Bot


If you like to be aware of the latest trends in social networks, Now Trending Bot is the bot you should use in Telegram. This tool gathers the most popular trends from platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Google, and Vimeo and informs you about them. You can subscribe to receive daily updates and share them with other users.

Now Trending BotTwitter Media Downloader


To download videos from Twitter, you do not have to download any application on your mobile if you use Telegram, as there is a bot that is responsible for fulfilling exactly that function. Its name is Twitter Media Downloader, and you have to start it and pass it the link of the tweet that includes the video you want to download to give you several options of different resolutions.

After choosing one of them, the bot will send you the video, and you will only have to click on the download button to have it on your device. You already know that Telegram works as a cloud storage service, so those videos will always be available even if you delete them from your mobile or PC.

Twitter Media DownloaderText-to-speech bot


Another of the best Telegram bots is the Text to Speech bot, which converts any text message you send to it into audio. Before starting to use it, you must specify your language and select the type of voice of the audios -there are several options-. Then, you have to send the text and wait a few seconds to receive the voice memo. Of course, you can add it to groups.

Text to speech botPDF Bot


Working with PDF files on your mobile does not require an external application if you have Telegram installed, as there is a bot called PDF bot allows you to open and edit these types of files within the app. Among the many options of this tool are converting text messages, images, and websites into PDFs, extracting images from these files, compressing, renaming, and adding watermarks, and joining multiple PDF files.

PDF BotGames


This inline bot opens a window for you to a variety of free games on Telegram. Just write @gamee and select the game you like the most from the list of options displayed. You have the option to play alone or share fun games with your friends. There are sports games, fighting games, platforms, motorcycles …



You also don’t need to leave Telegram to search for information about a movie. What’s more, you don’t even need to add the bot to the conversation since @imdb is an inline bot that works automatically in any chat. Enter @imdb followed by the name or term related to the movie you are looking for, and a list of suggested titles will appear. If you click on one of them, the main information of the film will be shared in the conversation.

IMDbWikipedia Search


Another Telegram bot that does not need to be installed or added to a group to work is Wikipedia Search, which allows you to search and share articles from this encyclopedia from Telegram. Write @wiki, enter your search, and select the article that interests you to share it directly in any conversation.

Wikipedia SearchMy Series


Series fans will be delighted with My Series, a bot responsible for tracking the series chosen to notify when a new chapter is released. You can add subscriptions to the series, see those that you have already added and check your agenda for the next 7 days to be aware of all the news and that you do not miss an episode to watch.

My severVoice


The operation of this Telegram bot is inverse to that of Text to Speech, as it converts any audio note you send into text. It not only works with the audio that you record with the microphone, but it can also transcribe audio and video files. Before you start using it, remember to set the language you will use.



Add new fonts to your Telegram conversations with FancyChars, a bot that quickly offers you the most original text fonts. It is an inline bot, so you have to type @fancycharsbot followed by the text you want to send in another font so that a list appears with that message in different styles. Click on the one you like the most, and it will be sent directly.

FancyCharsMap Bot


Map Bot is an inline bot that sends you maps of any area that you tell it; they can be Street Map or with satellite images. Write @openmap_bot followed by the location you want to get the map from and send the message. You can also add it to groups.

Map BotLyric


Find the lyrics of any song with Lyric, one of the most useful bots on Telegram. You can search for the song by its name or by the artist who sings it. Once the theme is selected, all the lyrics will appear in the chat so that you can sing to the rhythm of the music without making a mistake.

LyricPodcast Bot


One of the most interesting and useful bots on Telegram is the Podcast Bot, which gives information about your favorite podcasts and helps you discover new ones. You can access the feed of a podcast (/ feed), know the main details of it (/ podcast), see the cover (/ image), or let the bot recommend one (/ random).

Podcast BotTodoTask


A very useful bot so that you don’t forget any of the things you have to do is TodoTask, as it takes care of sending you reminders just at the time you have programmed. If you use it independently, you have to send the reminder message, and the bot will show you all the time options to choose from, from 1 minute to 24 hours. Click on the one you prefer, and the remainder will be configured.



The king of all Telegram bots is BotFather, as it allows you to create new bots to add even more features to the messaging platform. In addition, you can manage those that you have already created, changing their information, their profile picture, or the command list.

BotFatherFake Mail Bot


As its name suggests, Fake Mail Bot is a Telegram bot that generates one-time email addresses for those occasions when you need an email but doesn’t want to use staff for fear that it is dangerous. Use the / generate command, and the bot will quickly send you one of these disposable emails.

Fake Mail BotPic


Access a wide library of images without leaving Telegram with the @pic inline bot, which shows you a gallery of images related to the term you are looking for. Type @pic followed by the word in question, and the bot will show you a list of photos. If you click on one of them, you will share it in the chat.

PicLike box


Another good bot for Telegram is LikeBot, with which you can create publications accompanied by 6 emojis that will allow other users to react to the message. It is a particularly interesting bot for groups, to which you can easily add. To use it, you first have to send the message and then select the 6 emojis that will appear as reactions.

LikeBotWatch Bot


Watch Bot is a Telegram bot that is in charge of supervising the proper functioning of your website. In case of a fall, the bot alerts you quickly so you can solve it. Use the / add command followed by the link to your website to add it to Watch Bot’s tracking.

Watch BotFeed Reader Bot


Feed Reader Bot is an RSS feed reader that alerts you to new publications in the digital media you add. They can be newspapers, blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Thus, you will always be up to date with everything that happens without having to review your favorite platforms one by one. Use the / add command to add a new subscription to the bot.

Feed Reader BotHow to find new bots for Telegram

In addition to these 27 Telegram bots that we have recommended, you have the possibility of finding new bots that are better adapted to the tasks you need. Enter Store Bot, Telegram’s bot store, and discover new tools by researching your favorite categories. They can be of communication, music and audio, books, maps, sports, movies, and series …

There are hundreds of different bots for Telegram, so you have to test them to see if they successfully fulfill the function they were created for. Thus, Telegram will cease to be just a messaging platform for you to become a platform where you can find out the latest news, know when your favorite series is broadcast, or find images of any kind, among many other functions.