Telegram Channels of magazines and newspapers, which ones are there?

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The group’s Telegram dedicated to the distribution of magazines and newspapers digitally has had considerable growth in recent times. Although this practice is illegal, distributing this type of content through these channels violates copyright regulations, it has not slowed its growth.

That is why today we will tell you a little about these channels and what you should know about them. However, before starting with the magazine channels on Telegram, it is important to know how it works as an instant messaging tool.

What is Telegram, and how does it work?

For those who still do not know this application, Telegram, like WhatsApp, is an instant messaging application. It is possible to chat with a person, create groups, make audio or video calls, and other functionalities.

What is Telegram and how does it work

However, unlike WhatsApp, it is not necessary to share your phone number since you can have a username and share it with other people to chat.

However, there are two very prominent points of Telegram, so it stands out compared to WhatsApp. The first of them is related to the issue of security, and the second is focused on channels.

What are magazine channels on Telegram?

Unlike WhatsApp, it is possible to create channels to broadcast public messages to large audiences, so large that the number of members is unlimited. This is a beautiful feature for disseminating content, especially for magazines that make life within Telegram.

On these channels, administrators or users themselves share prestigious magazines. PDF format so that members can download them directly to their mobile, tablet, or computer.

Thus, the community can access this type of issue without making any payment in between and giving itself a new way of distribution, violating the copyright content for the magazines.

What copies are distributed through Telegram magazine channels?

As we mentioned before, these digital editions are uploaded to the Telegram magazine channels. PDF format, making it easier for users to read or download them or share them with other people through other means.

What copies are distributed through Telegram magazine channels

Now, the theme of these magazines and newspapers is very varied, ranging from the best known such as Vogue, Hunting and Fishing, National Geographic, Highway, Hello, Readings, and more. However, it is also possible to access local newspapers from well-known newspapers such as El País, La Vanguardia, La Razón, Marca, and Mundo Deportivo.

Actions against magazine channels on Telegram recently

This violation of copyright rights has caused the platform to take action against various channels. Until recently, there were around 122 Telegram channels that had been closed for illegally sharing this type of content (books, magazines, newspapers) with a community as a whole that could exceed 400,000 members.

However, it is a fight with no end since it is impossible to close all channels of this type. This is not due to impossibility on the part of the platform but to the speed with which they are created.

It is only a matter of hours or days for a new magazine channel to appear that shares the same content on Telegram after an existing one has been closed.

Actions against magazine channels on Telegram recently

In addition, the ease with which you can build loyalty with large numbers of users is very striking, since not only are magazines and newspapers shared, information of common interest is also disseminated on different topics, from video games, cinema, technology and.

Faced with all this situation, the CEDRO ( Spanish Center for Reprographic Rights ) verified through a statement an increase in the distribution of magazines through the different Telegram channels that violate copyright, reproduction, and distribution rights.

Faced with such a situation, Jorge Corrales, general director of the entity, ensures that:

“It is not the first time that this messaging application has collaborated with Cedro in the fight against digital piracy. However, we had never ended the illegal activity of such a large number of groups, especially through its web version, in which pirated copies of works by our partners were being shared “

How to find magazine channels on Telegram?

Despite being an illegal act, it is easy to find Telegram groups and channels on the Internet, so it is only enough to perform a small search for different results and channels on a wide variety of topics to begin to appear.

How to find magazine channels on Telegram

In this way, we highlight that distributing this type of content through these means is totally illegal. It violates different regulations and statutes that promote the correct use of information. It has become an option for many users who want to access these sources for free. And you, what do you think? Would you be part of this group?