The 21 most useful apps you can install on Android

Some applications can waste your time, and others, much more helpful, can make your life easier. Of the first type, there are many, but those of the second are more difficult to find. Therefore, today we want to help you find the most useful apps you can install on your Android.

What makes the apps we have selected in this top special is that they can help you streamline your day-to-day processes or get more out of your Android device without too much effort.

Top of the best useful apps for Android

If you are looking for useful apps for Android, then we offer you a complete assortment made up of tools that should not be missing from any device.

  • Castro
  • Files de Google
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • Cometin
  • AirDroid
  • BitWarden
  • Microsoft Office Lens
  • Translator
  • Hurry
  • Inware
  • Bags
  • Crap
  • NFC Tools
  • Automate
  • Naptime
  • Bouncer
  • BuzzKill
  • CoinCalc
  • Access Dots
  • Tap, Tap
  • Subscriptions

Top of the best useful apps for Android


It has become a classic in tool apps for Android, and it is no wonder.

Castro is one of the best useful Android apps and is undoubtedly essential for anyone who wants to know everything about their device.

It is possible to obtain detailed statistics of the processor, monitor the battery, or view memory consumption in real-time.

It also gives us the possibility to check the use of mobile data or WiFi, the values ​​of each sensor in real-time, the temperature of the terminal, and much more, all accompanied by a fantastic design based on Google’s Material lines.

Files de Google

Files de Google

Everyone needs a good file explorer for mobile, and of all those that exist, Files by Google may be the most useful.

In addition to allowing us to manage our internal storage and manipulate saved files, Files also has tools to free up mobile space by searching for large, duplicate, or useless files.

WiFi Analyzer

It has happened to all of us at some point: from one moment to the next, the WiFi stops working correctly, and we are not clear about the origin of the problem.

WiFi Analyzer is a free and open-source app that can be very useful in situations like that: it allows us to analyze and optimize our WiFi network by identifying the channels that offer the most robust signal or, with the bit of saturation, the strength of the movement and many other useful statistics.


Why install several applications if one is enough to do a multitude of things.

That is the philosophy on which is based Cometin, one of the most useful apps for Android, as it brings together in the same place a myriad of tools, tricks, and settings for our Android devices, organized in different modules to make it even easier to use. Use.

Among the available functions, we can find settings related to the lock screen, the possibility of keeping the screen active for much longer, blocking applications with a PIN or pattern, using a physical button on the device to activate the Google Assistant, and much more…



By now, you should know AirDroid, one of the most useful apps on Android.

With it, you can remotely access your mobile from your computer, read messages, view notifications, or even transfer files, all without the need for a cable and without root.



Using a good password manager, whatever it is, is always a good idea. Therefore, position BitWarden’s on this compilation could have been filled by anyone else.

However, we have opted for this option as it is one of the few free and open-source password managers out there.

This app allows us to save our private data, passwords, card numbers, secure notes, and any information in an encrypted vault using AES 256-bit encryption, with small and PBKDF2 SHA-256.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens

It is one of the best alternatives to CamScanner, and probably the best app for scanning documents.

Office Lens offers the possibility of capturing any document using our mobile camera and optimizing its quality to be much more legible. Also, it gives the option to export and shares the captured file like PDF, Word, or Image.

Google translator

Not much remains to be said about Google Translate at this point: it is one of the most valuable tools ever developed by the search engine company, with endless languages and tools as valuable as the option to translate text through the camera in real-time.


How long until your best friend’s birthday? , What day waiting, so that movie premieres take time? With Hurry, the answers to these questions become flashy cards inside an application, showing us a countdown of the days, minutes, and seconds remaining for any special event that will happen in the future.

In addition to having a fantastic design, the app has one of the best Android widgets out there.


We have talked about Inware on several occasions, but any moment is an excellent time to remember the existence of this superb application.

Its design, elaborated with care and giving the option of customizing its appearance to the maximum, is undoubtedly its greatest strength.

For the rest, it is an app that allows us to know what components our mobile includes and the status of some of them, such as the battery, memory, or sensors.


Another classic tool app for Android is Tasker.

With it, you can automate practically anything that comes to your mind, either using the options provided by the application or with the different plugins that allow you to get even more out of it.

The learning curve can indeed be a barrier to entry for less advanced users. But luckily, its vast community of users offers us the possibility of learning how to use this app to make the most of the capabilities of our devices.


Imagine that you will change your mobile, but you do not want to lose an application that you currently have installed but no longer on Google Play or anywhere else.

With Skit, you can export the APK files of the applications you have installed – including system apps -, see the more technical details of the apps and much more.

NFC Tools

The NFC on your mobile is not only used to pay for the coffee you drink every morning. Using the appropriate app, you can get much more out of this component of your mobile.

With NFC Tools, you can perform any task every time you bring your mobile close to an NFC or RFID tag. The possibilities are almost endless.

To use it, you only need to have NFC tags and record the action you want to perform through this app. Thus, every time you bring your mobile close to a card, you will instantly trigger the desired option. Although it sounds cliché, in this case, it is true: the limit is in your imagination.


If the complexity of Tasker overwhelms you, a good alternative that you can use on your Android is Automate.

It has a more intuitive interface based on flow charts, which allow you to choose which actions are triggered based on specific activities or situations.


The famous developer behind the popular “Franco Kernel” also has practical applications for Android. One of them is Naptime.

With Naptime, you can save more battery on your mobile by boosting the native “Doze” function.

This app can hibernate applications when they are not being used, and the mobile screen is off, so background processes consume less energy.


One of the most useful apps for Android that you can install on your mobile if you are concerned about your privacy and how the applications use the permissions you grant them.

With Bouncer, you can grant temporary permissions to applications so that once you stop using them, they lose that permission again so that, for example, they cannot use the camera or access your location unless you want to.


From the same creator of Bouncer comes BuzzKill, a helpful tool that allows you to take Android notifications one level further.

Its developer defines it as a notification tool with superpowers, which anyone can configure in a matter of seconds.

It is possible to see the notifications you want to know when you want to see them. For this, it has the possibility of filtering reports so that we are only notified of important ones.

It also includes options such as setting custom vibration patterns for each contact, notification reminders, and much more. All this, in an exquisite design, cares about privacy, as it does not have trackers or ads.


The fourth and final application from Sam Ruston, creator of Hurry, BulzzKill, and Bouncer that we selected in this compilation is CoinCalc vitaminized, a useful currency converter.

It has more than 700 currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Steem, Storj, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many more.

It offers the possibility of setting notifications with the real-time exchange rate of certain currencies, calculator function, and much more. In addition, it works without the need for an Internet connection.

Access Dots

Access Dots is a useful application that allows you to bring one of the best iOS 14 functions to any mobile, such as “recording notifications.”

Thanks to it, you will be able to know if an app is using your mobile’s camera or microphone through an orange or green dot at the top of the screen. In this way, you can know if any of the apps installed on your mobile could be spying on you.

Tap, Tap

Another app that brings one of the most valuable functions of iOS to Android is Tap, Tap. Thanks to it, you can perform any action you want with a double or triple tap on the back of your mobile. As simple as that.



At the time, we already chose it as one of the best finance and expense control apps for mobile phones, but Subscriptions repeat in this top of useful apps for Android for having become one of the apps without which we could no longer live.

With it, it is possible to keep track of all our paid subscriptions, be it Spotify, Netflix, the gym fee, or anything else. In this way, you will know how much money you spend per month on these services, and you will avoid paying more than necessary. In addition, you can receive notifications when it is time to make a payment.

Google Play | Subscriptions

Google Play is full of practical applications for Android, and the ones selected in this article are just a small proof of that.

Over time, we will add more and more utilities that we consider worthy of being in this top. For this reason, we recommend that you save this list and consult it frequently to discover new practical applications with which to get more out of your mobile.