The best camera app for Android and 9 alternatives

The quality of phone cameras has improved remarkably in recent years. Still, some manufacturers do not care to develop a native app to match with which users can make the most of the hardware capabilities. Fortunately, dozens of camera apps on the Play Store offer you what you can’t find in the pre-installed app. This article selects the best camera app for Android -a subjective opinion- and we tell you about the best nine alternatives.

As we did in the compilation of the best apps to edit videos, we analyzed the Google app store to find the best camera apps you can install on your mobile. Not all of them offer you the same, but we will discuss that in detail below. Let’s see which is the best camera app for Android and nine alternatives without further ado.

The best camera app for Android and 9 alternatives

Open Camera, the best camera app for Android

Developed by Mark Harman, Open Camera is the complete camera app for Android from our point of view. This tool has excellent functions to get the most out of your phone’s Camera, such as an automatic stabilizer. The photos are straight, with different scene modes, white balance, ISO, HD video and exposure compensation, and lock, to mention the most important ones.

On the other hand, with Open Camera, you can also use remote controls such as the timer or automatic repetition. You can manually add data to photos, such as where they were taken. In addition, this Camera for Android also allows you to take panoramas, even with the front Camera.

Open Camera the best camera app for Android

We cannot overlook one of the most notable functions of Open Camera, the possibility of taking photos in RAW format for those phones with Camera2, making it one of the best apps to take pictures in RAW. Thanks to noise reduction and dynamic range optimization, Open Camera captures quality images.

Finally, the aspect that has made us opt for this app as the best Camera for Android is entirely free. You do not have to pay money to enjoy its full functions, unlike other good camera apps that we will talk about below. In short, Open Camera allows you to get the most out of the Camera with ongoing going through the bomakingkes. It is the leading app in this compilation.

The nine best alternative camera apps to Open Camera

Although Open Camera has been selected as the best, we can assure you that the alternatives presented in this article are not far behind in terms of quality. Not all of them offer the same, so we advise you to know them, try them and thus select which is the one that best suits your needs.

Camara HD

Camara HD step1

Camara HD step2

Camara HD step3

More than 10 million downloads accumulate in the Play Store HD Camera, a free app with many functions you need to take good pictures. By appointment, some of the essential HD cameras have high-quality video recording. You can take photos by touching the screen, different scenes such as sports or night, more than 20 filters, white balance, timer, panoramic capture, and exposure value adjustment.

This camera app for Android also allows you to choose the photo’s resolution, automatically save the shooting location and has a gallery where you can review the images taken. In it, you can select the images that you later want to combine using the best photo montage applications. Also, as a final detail, HD Camera is a free camera app for Android, so you can download it without paying anything.

One S10 Camera

One S10 Camera step1

One S10 Camera step2

One S10 Camera step3

Inspired by the Camera Samsung Galaxy S10 is the One S10 Camera app, free for Android devices. With support for UHD camera, videos in Full HD and HDR, One S10 Camera undoubtedly stands out for its multiple functions. Some of them are Autofocus, ISO, white balance, exposure adjustment, timer, resolution adjustment for both photos and videos, and more than 100 filters.

After taking photos, you don’t have to leave the One S10 Camera to edit them, as it includes an editor with which you can quickly change their size, crop or rotate them, or adjust aspects such as brightness or saturation. This popular camera app, downloaded more than 5 million times from the Play Store, is free for Android.

ProCam X

ProCam X

Another of the best camera apps for Android is ProCam X, which you can buy for 5.29 euros and which will allow you to have control over critical aspects of your mobile’s Camera. You can control exposure and white balance, take advantage of burst shooting, geotagging, or the “antishake” mode to make the photos shaky. Also, for those devices with Camera2 API enabled, ProCam X offers focus, ISO, and manual shutter speed.

With this application, you can also record video in HD, customize the functions of the volume keys, apply filters in real-time and tag photos by GPS. With excellent performance and a very comprehensive list of tools, ProCam X is one of the best camera apps you can download.

Camera MX

We return to the free applications to tell you about Camera MX, which combines easy use with handy functionalities. In-Camera MX, we find many functions that we ask of a camera, such as automatic optimization and HDR, adjustable JPEG quality, compatibility with any aspect ratio, exposure adjustment, burst shooting mode, or applying filters in real-time.

If you are looking to get the most out of the Camera and take quality photos and videos, you should take this free app called Camera MX into account. This camera app, which has an average rating of 4.4 on the Play Store, also has a timer, grid, and an integrated photo and video editor. You can crop them, modify details such as brightness or contrast and add filters and effects.

DSLR Professional Camera

DSLR Professional Camera step1

With Manual Camera: DSLR Professional Camera, you can turn your mobile into a professional camera in exchange for 4.49 euros. We find functions that we have already seen in previous options, such as controlling exposure and white balance, applying filters in real-time, and geotagging. In addition, for those devices with Camera2 API, this app also offers manual ISO, manual focus, control shutter speed, and capturing photos in RAW format.

If you opt for DSLR Camera Professional, you can also record fast-moving videos, take advantage of the timer and automatic repeat mode to take photos from a distance, and deactivate the shutter sound. These are some of its most relevant functions, but many more. If you want to give it a try, Professional DSLR Camera is available for 4.49 euros.

Footej Camera 2

Footej Camera 2 step1

Another app that deserves to be featured on this list is Footej Camera 2, which uses the Android Camera2 API to explore the Camera’s possibilities fully. It is a complete app that features RAW photo capture and manual control of ISO and shutter speed. In addition, Footej Camera 2 offers you other exciting functions, such as the possibility of creating animated GIFs to share them through social networks.

This camera app for Android also features a simple interface that makes it easy to use for novice users. To expand the capabilities of Footej Camera 2, such as taking HD videos of more than 5 minutes or more than 20 shots in burst mode, you will have to subscribe to the premium version. Despite this detail, we must tell you that the accessible version of Footej Camera 2 is complete and maybe enough to replace the camera app on your mobile.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera is a free app with more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store, a not inconsiderable figure. It is an application dedicated to taking beauty selfies with numerous filters to change the appearance of the face. For example, you can slim your face or apply lipstick or mask using real-time filters that allow you to see the result before taking the selfie.

Thanks to the silent camera Candy Camera, you can take pictures anywhere without sounding shutter. In addition, you can take multiple photos to create collages – there are several templates to choose from – and then add stickers to them from the app’s catalog. In short, Candy Camera is an excellent app if you are interested in taking good selfies.


Pixtica step1

The eighth alternative to Open Camera that we want to propose is Pixtica. Although it is not as popular as any of the previous options, this free app is also made up of exciting tools that can be very useful, such as manual controls of ISO, shutter speed or focus, creation of GIFs, portrait mode to blur the background of your selfies, capture of panoramas and photos in RAW format.

On the other hand, Pixtica also has unique functions such as filters, stickers, and effects (such as the fisheye lens), document scanner, QR scanner, photo and video editor, and even a meme creator that you can use in case of Don’t be convinced by the best apps to create GIFs and memes with your face. We have mentioned some of them, but we encourage you to try Pixtica to discover its full functions. You can download this app for free from the Play Store.

Camera ZOOM FX Premium

We end up with a paid camera app, Camera ZOOM FX Premium, which you can download to your Android for 3.99 euros. You do this with an app that uses Camera2 to allow you to manually control aspects such as ISO, focus distance, or exposure as if it were a DSLR camera. In addition, you can enjoy voice activation, timer, creation of time-lapses, and automatic modes to adapt the capture to different scenes.

With Camera ZOOM FX Premium, you can also take quality selfies thanks to the flash that illuminates the screen before shooting, activate the silent camera mode, and modify the volume buttons to fulfill the camera functions you want. After talking about this other great camera app for Android, we recommend that you try the ones that attract your attention the most to find the one that best serves you when it comes to taking quality photos and recording videos.