The best game in the Grand Theft Auto saga

The best game in the Grand Theft Auto saga according to VidaExtra readers is ...

One more Monday, here we are, ready to review the messages you left us on our official Discord server about the debate proposed last week. In this case, we throw you the following question:

What is the best GTA and why?

Let’s start with Alejandro Espinosa, who left us this message about it:

“The GTA San Andreas. Everything you could do in that installment has not been repeated in any other. Not to mention that the story is the best of the entire saga.”

You have already seen it, short and straight to the point. Like The Ultimate_xd, although in your case for other reasons:

“Well, it would be a difficult question for me since I only played GTA San Andreas, although I lean more towards GTA V because of its graphics, because of the extensive catalog of compatible consoles, because of the gameplay. But in all that, the San Andreas, because he runs in anything (literally), has a lot of mods, and even some give him new history, for his community that is still alive, although graphically it is not a big thing. My choice is clear: GTA San Andreas is the best GTA ever (at least until GTA 6 comes out) “.

And we go from someone who has only played San Andreas to one reader, iShelman, who has tried them all. This is what it tells us:

“I have played all the GTAs, from the first one on a PS1 to the current GTA V… Indeed, GTA San Andreas has dramatically affected all the followers of this saga, and many of us will miss it even though GTA V is inspired by This same one for its great success. Personally, GTA Vice City marked me a lot. Not because it has anything special that can keep a before or after in the saga, it is because of the time in which it is set: the 80s.

We have been hearing about the possible departure of a GTA VI set around this time for months or maybe a little longer. For me, it would be fantastic and unique. But we have indeed become accustomed to a GTA V that is very marked by today, and going back to the 80s in an Online can be very strange or boring for many players, especially to adapt specific dynamics to those that we are used to GTA V In short: in its time GTA Vice City marked me a lot. ”

To_maikel seems to be in tune with Sherman:

“I think the same. Between San Andreas and Vice City is the key to the GTA. The jump from the console has been very satisfactory from Rockstar, but Vice City for the style of game, gameplay, and others.”

As you can see, GTA San Andreas is still very much loved by everyone. Our reader BikerboyGSXR also highlights it above other installments:

“Well, on a graphical level, it is clear that GTA V wins by a landslide. I think the same as many people here: that San Andreas would win in many things. It had much more RPG than now, even though it had a second life for role-play servers. Although the original GTA, the first one, was the one that surprised me the most. There weren’t many games like that, and I think that it was pretty innovative; you could even go so far as to say That transgressor. The ones of now do not surprise in terms of playability; they are more of the same “.

Ari seems to prefer the latest installment to date:

“All the GTAs had their own thing; there was not one that did not stand out in something that made it special, especially depending on the moment in which it came into the life of each one in particular. But GTA 5 and its Online, clearly due to the improvements of the new platforms and its online connection, has broken every scheme, from its memorable campaign full of great and crazy moments to its Online that can even be treated as the best virtual world made to date, with its multitude of activities and great possibilities of interaction with other people (without going any further, all my current group of friends left there), only diminished today by the cheaters and because it is already getting “old” at a technical level in some aspects.

Even so, it is undoubtedly the best thing that has been done to date in terms of a persistent and highly entertaining online world (leaving GTA Online a year and a half ago, I had 3,500 hours invested in it). I look forward to GTA 6 as of May water, even though it was gone until 2024. ”

We end with mousses, whose message reads like this:

“GTA Chinatown Wars for Nintendo DS (2009). This is the kind of feat achieved by developers who invest time and energy in a platform. That game is perfect for the DS. It’s easy to want to compare it to its older brothers, but you have to see it as the masterpiece for the Nintendo handheld. The game, although it has a lighter plot than its predecessors, has incredible replayability. I don’t know how many hours I spent with the “mini” drug trafficking game. Liberty City is still intact, even with the overhead view and its cell-shading graphics. Even the soundtrack (in its instrumental version) includes songs by Deadmau5, El Mischief Affair, or Alchemist (which he repeated along with Oh No on the soundtrack of GTA V). We need more games like this! ”

Thank you very much for participating. We will leave you a new discussion on Discord for this week, and, of course, you can follow the conversation about the best GTA in the comments of this article if you wish.