The PS5 controller pops out. This is the new DualSense

The PS5 controller pops out. This is the new DualSense

In the absence of knowing what the future will look like PS5, Sony has just officially presented the new control knob with its console for the next generation. This has led him to reveal what will be called DualSense, a wireless controller with a series of unique features to enjoy all kinds of experiences in video games.

We can see that a few aspects of the DualShock 4 have been maintained, accompanied by a series of totally new functions. As already indicated on some occasions, the objective of this command will be to offer an incredible feeling of immersion when playing any title.

What Sony stands out the most in this regard is the haptic feedback that we will feel in our hands, such as when driving a vehicle, since we will notice the resistance and slowness of our car if we are passing through a muddy area. This will also affect the L2 and R2 buttons, the adaptive triggers that will also produce the same effect as, for example, when tightening the string of a bow.

On the controller design, the company has also noted that it has worked closely with its hardware engineers to make the controller feel smaller than it appears. The rest of the components have also been modified to guarantee a good grip, the place where will be placed a battery that can be recharged at any time and at the same time reduce the weight of the DualSense as much as possible.

The PS5 controller pops out. This is the new DualSense 2

One of the buttons that have been removed is ” Share “since this will become the ” button Create ” so that any user who likes to create their content will have all the necessary tools at hand. However, to know more details about this function we will have to wait until later.

On the other hand, the DualSense has a built-in microphone that will make players not need to plug in headphones to talk with their friends and thus find it more comfortable. Naturally, that does not mean that you can continue to use the headphones that each one has if someone prefers to use their microphone or listen better to their teammates.

The PS5 controller pops out. This is the new DualSense 3

About colors, this time, Sony has opted for black and white for its components. The lightbar will also be preserved, although this time it will be located in a different place to the sides of the touchpad located in the center instead of placing it on the top of the controller, as was the case with the DualShock 4.

In the absence of testing the DualSense with our own hands, Sony has ensured that its new control knob has reached the level of comfort it wanted and that it will have excellent ergonomics. At the same time, they get fully into their video games with the immersion they will produce. Now it only remains to see what the design of the PS5 will be like, something that Sony has indicated that it will be shown in the coming months as it reveals more surprises for the launch of the console at Christmas.