This is VRoid Studio, the free tool that allows you to create your own 3D avatar, just as you imagine it

This is VRoid Studio the free tool that allows you to create your own 3D avatar just as you imagine it

One of the most unusual fashions to emerge on the web is Vtubers. Specifically, these are Twitch or YouTube channels that feature virtual avatars, which provide a peculiar quality to the published content.

Usually, these avatars are made by professional teams at a reasonably high cost. However, now you can create your avatar yourself and completely free of charge.

Steam has recently launched VRoid Studio, a program that could already be downloaded before but whose arrival on the Valve platform will provide excellent visibility. With this tool, you can create from scratch your 3D humanoid model.

They can be used for VR Chat or your channel. You can choose whether your creation has a commercial use or not, which allows you to ensure your rights as an author.

You can create all kinds of elements such as horns, wings, tails, glasses … the list is long and varied. Also, facial expressions are very diverse. The truth is that it is a program that not everything will be able to use to its maximum potential, but those who can appreciate this opportunity.