Samsung Smart TV Remote: The Game Changer


Sometime back, a remote was just that, a remote! There was no variety to choose from as most devices would come with their own. The gadgets we use would come with a remote to control them or flip through the stations.

Standard Remote Control

The Standard remote control manages one gadget at a time. For example, if it is a TV set, then it is set to control just that. Not other peripherals attached to it like DVR, DVD player, satellite dish or cable box.  When replacing such a remote, compatibility is critical as the same manufacturer of the TV likely produces the original one.

To ensure compatibility as a buyer, establish the model number of the original remote either underneath or near the batteries. You can also find the model number on the user’s manual or, as a last resort, contact the manufacturer. In the rare case that the remote is no longer available, then the manufacturer will advise on the next possible option.

One of the downsides of Standard Remote Control is that, more gadgets translate into more remotes. It gets more confusing for the brand loyal customers. If you have a Samsung TV, an X-Box and a DVR, it may take you a few minutes to figure out which remote is for each item.

The other disadvantage is the remote clutter. You may just consider picking remotes as part of your daily routine. Plus the different models, shapes and colors make spaces look untidy.

Universal TV Remote Control

Today, several remarkable inventions have come with technology. The Universal remote will make you throw the remote basket away. Different companies have come up with diverse products, some with LCD screens and backlit features to make the user interaction with the media playing fun.

What is a Universal TV Remote Control?

Universal TV Remote Controls, unlike the standard TV remote controls allow users to control more than the TV sets. These remote controls support the functionality of more than one peripheral attached to your TV. Universal Remotes are also not limited to the specific make of television, as well as components like DVD players, satellite dishes, VCRs, cable boxes among others.

Advantages of a Universal Remote Control

Since universal TV remote controls are not brand specific, it can work with different TV brands.

When shopping for a universal remote, confirm which devices are compatible. Most of the universal remotes are designed to accommodate many peripherals.

A universal remote saves you from the clutter of remotes making it easy for you. You will not need to second-guess which remote is for which gadget. It is easy to keep track if you only have one control unit for all your entertainment peripherals.  Just remember to get one that operates most, if not all of your devices.

Consider the size of the remote as well. A big remote may not be very comfortable in the hands. Classy look is a plus.

Now enters the Samsung Smart TV Remote. This smart remote not only controls the many devices connected to the QLED TV but also responds to the voice prompt making it an effortless controller. It runs on the company’s Tizen OS, developed to run on everything from smartphones to television. Manufacturers of this smart device seek to make it the only remote one needs to access all content at home. This exciting addition to the gadgets has more than you can imagine and takes entertainment to a whole new level.

Why Samsung Smart TV Remote?

  1. It works with a wide range of devices

The Samsung Smart TV Remote is both fun and functional giving the user a seamless experience. Its ability to work with many devices is fantastic, from cable and satellite boxes, consoles to Blu-ray players, among many others. You do not need a basketful of remotes for different gadgets. Finally, you can use one remote for multiple devices. All you need is to keep an eye on it!

Samsung Smart TV Remote: The Game Changer

2. No more guesswork.

With the Auto Source Recognition technology, the QLED TV detects what peripheral plugged in and its location. Samsung Smart TV remote simplifies the whole TV experience as you do not have to remember all the plugged in devices. Whether USB drives or Blu-ray, all you need is this one remote and you are good to go. It maps out respective device functions to its buttons.

3. Easy to navigate

With a vast variety of what the TV has to offer, making a choice is a challenge. Finding something does not need to take you the whole world. This remote makes everything easy to find and accessible. Things like sports, cloud gaming, movies, and many more are found under Smart Hub. Another feature that makes this remote easy to use is that it identifies the product connected to the TV and takes control.

4. Voice option

Imagine giving instructions to your entertainment units verbally. The Samsung Smart TV Remote allows you to use your voice and say what you want. Whether you need to switch to a channel, connect the device to a TV, search for a show, or find your weird favorite show online. Just command it.

5. No classes needed

Life is already too complicated. No one needs extra classes on operating a remote. Watching TV cuts across people of all ages and it is not a preserve of the tech-savvy.  The Samsung remote is user-friendly and as anyone can operate it. It has an intuitive design that makes it fun to handle.

Samsung Smart TV Remote: The Game Changer

6. You can have your phone as well

Since you will always have your phone with or near you, changing the channel will only need a Smart View app.

The Samsung Smart TV remote is a brilliant idea as it makes life easy and encourages tidy spaces. You do not have to contend with remotes all over the sitting room. While it is extremely sophisticated, you do not need manual’s to operate it. Finally, the fast installation will excite anyone who is not keen on long processes. It takes entertainment to the next level.