Time Change 2023: Which Day Is Switched To Daylight Saving Time

Time change 2023 which day is switched to daylight saving time

Spring is close to arriving, and as usual, it will be accompanied by the time change to adopt summertime. This is something that always disrupts our routines a bit, so we are going to tell you the exact date and time it will take place.

And since we are in Xataka Basics, since we mentioned this topic, we are also going to take the opportunity to tell you everything you need to know about changing the time on your devices. Fortunately, this is not enough, since almost all devices change the time without you having to do anything, but there are still important things to remember.

When do we switch to daylight saving time?

The time change to adopt the summer time of 2022 will take place at dawn from Saturday 25 to Sunday 26 March. As always, this coincides with the weekend to find the least disruptive moment to make the change.

As for the exact time at which it takes place, at 2 in the morning it will become 3 in the morning, so we will have an hour less at night to sleep or to party that weekend.

This also means that it will dawn and dusk an hour later, which will cause us to have a little more sun during our days, especially at the last minute.

Time changes and your devices

As for your devices, almost all devices connected to the Internet will change the time automatically. This means that your mobile, your computer, your tablet, or your smartwatch or speaker will change the time on their own without you having to do anything.

However, you should be careful with non-connected devices, those that we could refer to as “non-smart” devices. Your oven, your fridge, the timer on your air conditioning, or the alarm clock on your bedside table may not change the time by themselves.

In summary, if you are a person who has an alarm clock programmed on your mobile, you will not have to worry about anything. But if you have the typical luminous clock without an internet connection on the nightstand in your room, then don’t forget to change the time when you wake up on Sunday.