User Experience Design: 8 Simple Steps for Developing Your UX Design Process


User Experience Design: 8 Simple Steps for Developing Your UX Design Process

What do you understand with the term UX design? It is basically giving the best user experience to the customer regarding the items of your business. Here we focus on attracting the customers towards your website and making the buying of items full of fun whenever a user lands on the homepage of your website. Improving the user’s interaction in terms of efficiency, ease of use and utility of the item comes under UX design. Now I am going to describe about 8 simple steps for developing your UX design process.

1.User research – We can say that the UX design process’s integral part is the user research. It is possible to get the information about needs, motivations, goals and behavior of the users with the help of user research. It will also help us in identifying the way a user navigates from one page of our website to the next page when making a purchase from our website. Basically, the people with different backgrounds visit your site and you have to work with these kinds of people here. Now within your item, you have to accommodate the behavior of these people.

2.Importance of user research – It can be difficult for us to understand the user experience if on the basis of our experiences and assumptions we do our work. It shows that for improving the items and services of our business, several opportunities can be missed by us. As a result, it can be very difficult to fulfil the requirements of the users. After interacting with an item, what will be the feeling of the target customers? We can find it out with the help of user research.

3.Reason behind conducting the user research first – The assumptions and experiences will serve as the bases for our work if in the process of UX design, we do not include the user research. For developing the product, we can get the necessary data through user research. This information is necessary for us to proceed further. With the design process, several factors like resources, money, time and work are associated. We can save all these if we do research first.

User Experience Design - 8 Simple Steps for Developing Your UX Design Process

4.Steps of user research

  • Taking interviews – Here an individual who belongs to the target demographic is interviewed by the interviewer and the interview is in the form of a discussion. The purpose of the interview is to identify the requirements and needs of the user when he uses an item of your company.
  • Surveys online – When you use the internet to send a form to a target audience’s sample having some precise questions in it then we call it an online survey. As we move from one project to another in an online survey then we find that variation can occur in its format and length.
  • Creating personas – You may have certain customers and you can call only these as personas and not to those who you want. It is possible to determine the behavior of the real audience with the help of personas.
  • User testing – When using a product, if a user feels difficulty then we can identify this with the help of user testing.

5.Process of designing – This process includes two steps:

  • Wireframing – A software or website’s diagram or illustration is known as wireframing. It views:

(i) The page’s space allocation

(ii) Content and image’s distribution

(iii) Prioritizing the content

(iv) If there is availability of functions

(v) Is there accommodation of any behavior

  • Prototyping – Your site’s draft version is known as the prototype. The prototype has several benefits:

(i) With the users, you can test the ideas

(ii) By using only paper and pen, you can create these

6.Testing by user – Here we take real users to test the product and there are two ways to do this:

  • Simple testing – It is not a complicated process to do product testing. The potential users can view the product in the form of whiteboard sketches or paper prototypes.
  • Usability testing – If regarding the interface, the user has any issues then we can identify these through usability testing.

7.Working process of user testing – Through interviews, surveys, questionnaires and simple observations, we can conduct user testing.

  • Remote user testing – If the target audience of the product is not reachable then we do remote user testing. After connecting online, we can conduct the testing.
  • A/B testing – Usually we compare a product or web page’s two live versions in A/B testing. Among the two designs, you can easily determine which is performing well but it won’t give you the reason behind this.

8.Process of implementation – Finally the tested product is ready for implementation. Here we develop the actual product and make it available for selling. It is sure that the product has no error and the user will not suffer any problem while using it.

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